“Light bottle action” becomes a new scenery of Spring Festival tourism

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Did not drink the water to take away, is becoming the consensus of many tourists.(Photo by Zhang Zhengwei) “Mom, don’t throw an unfinished water bottle into the trash can.”Yesterday noon, Ms. Jiang and her family in jiangbei dandong village, when she was ready to throw away the mineral water bottle, the side of her daughter reminded her that the water can not be drunk into the water bucket, used to irrigate crops in the scenic area.The establishment of water storage barrels and the collection of half bottles of water is an innovation launched by Dandan Village in response to the city’s “light bottle action”.”The scenic area needs water for daily planting and breeding projects, and the water that tourists don’t drink can be reused.”The relevant person in charge of the dandan village scenic spot said that since this activity was carried out during the Spring Festival, the majority of tourists have actively participated in the scenic spot also take advantage of the situation, linkage to carry out “tighten the faucet”, water saving awards and other activities.In order to advocate civilized health, green life concept, further polish “in Ningbo, see civilized China” gold card, the city civilization office, the city organs bureau launched “light bottle action” in the city, guide the general public to develop water saving, “take half bottle of water” good habit.As an important implementor of the “light bottle Action”, this year’s Spring Festival holiday, the city’s scenic spots, hotels and other tourism enterprises innovative ways and methods, vigorously promote the “light bottle action”.In zhaobao Mountain scenic area, mountain attractions and mountain activity area cleaning personnel back and forth patrol, guide tourists to drink as much water as possible, and then throw the empty mineral water bottles into the dustbin;Really can’t finish drinking, remind everyone to take out of the scenic area, do not throw.”In line with the light Bottle initiative, we are considering increasing the supply of small bottles of water to reduce the potential for water waste, and try to provide free shopping bags so that visitors can take half a bottle of water with them when they visit.”Zhaobao Mountain scenic area related person in charge said.In some star-rated hotels in urban areas, “take half a bottle of water, save not waste”, “advocate small bottles of water, drink not waste” and other advocacy of “light bottle action” slogans can be seen everywhere;In the guest room, free large bottles of mineral water were replaced with small bottles to reduce unnecessary waste.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com