Fire Safety early Know Spring Festival fire safety tips

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●1, not private pull disorderly connection, prevent short circuit, overload electricity caused by fire;2, electrical equipment after use to turn off the power;3, the use of electric heating appliances, to keep away from combustible, when using someone to watch, do not bake clothes on the electric heater, out or power must be unplugged;4, do not burn garbage and sundries in the community;5, do not smoke in bed, do not put out cigarette butts into the trash can;6. Do not store electric vehicles in the foyers, aisles and evacuation channels of residential buildings.To electric car charging away from flammable, combustible items, charging line to have a short circuit and leakage protection device, to avoid long time charging;7. Carefully check the use of the gas valve, stove switch and gas alarm at home, and turn off the fire outside;8, told children not to play with fire;9. Do not pile up combustible materials in residential corridors and balconies to ensure smooth passage in the building.To keep evacuation signs intact, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and other fire equipment complete and easy to use;10, before travel, check whether the electrical switch is off, especially after power failure to timely cut off the power before going out, in order to prevent accidents after power recovery;11. Residents should be equipped with small household fire extinguishers, torches, escape ropes and other emergency tools at home, be familiar with the emergency evacuation channels of the floors and communities, and learn basic self-rescue and escape knowledge.1, strengthen the management of internal fire control room personnel, ensure that the personnel on duty 24 hours in office, strengthen the daily fire inspection during the festival;2, wire specification, not private pull disorderly connection, the line must wear iron pipe, use a complete set of wire board lamps and lanterns;3, electricity specification, prohibit the use of high-power electrical appliances, such as electric kettle, electric stove, electric rice cooker steamer, etc.;4. According to the actual situation of the unit during the festival to carry out fire prevention work, formulate relevant emergency plans, carry out fire safety inspection;5, fire facilities are prohibited to block, fire hydrants, shutter switches, fire doors, etc.6. Under the fire rolling curtain, it is forbidden to pile up articles in the fire passageway;7. It is forbidden to hang things on the spray and keep away from the lamps and lanterns;8. Fire access is strictly prohibited to occupy;9. When entering public areas, first understand the location of evacuation channels and fire extinguishing equipment;10. Understand basic fire fighting knowledge and use of fire fighting equipment.The use of fire extinguishers ●