Chang Changting: Accurate in-depth solution to the policy orientation is the biggest winner in the stock market

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Chang Changting: accurate in-depth solution to the policy orientation is the biggest winner in the stock market personal opinion only for reference according to the business at their own risk to advise new and old shareholders, do what one can.Don’t overdraw family assets into the stock market, don’t leverage borrowing, don’t expect to get rich overnight into the stock market, even if it is a super bull market will have the risk of a big slump.Chang Chang Ting is only a full-time ordinary shareholders, without any team and assistant, please pay attention to screening!The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Chengdu-Chongqing have agreed to start the construction of national integrated computing power network hubs, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and other departments announced on Monday.At this point, the overall layout design of the national integrated big data center system has been completed, and the project of “East and West Calculation” has been officially launched.The so-called “east number west calculation”, “number” refers to the data, “calculation” refers to the power.”Generally speaking, it means transferring data from the east to the west for calculation and processing, just like transferring water from the south to the north or electricity from the west to the East.’Eastern data and Western Computing’ is another important strategic project of the country. It promotes the coordinated development of eastern and western data centers with network, cloud, computing power, data elements, applications and security.”China Academy of Information and Communication Technology cloud Computing and Big Data Institute deputy director explained.These days, some of the friends of the side – see, hear, and even by intimidation, of course, there are also messages to Chang Changting for consultation.Have a common point: M country in March to raise interest rates, foreign countries to raise interest rates, foreign countries to hit Z — ha ha!Such is the case with Chinese investors, who rarely study, interpret and understand the policies of the Chinese central government.They put so much weight on foreign data.Today, the use of public articles to say my point of view: foreign interest rate rise, foreign Z also line – these are not all we an ordinary stock to worry about.Because China’s central leadership has more foresight, foresight, and comprehensive policies than any of us.As long as we ordinary investors with psychological understanding of the Chinese central mentioned the word as the head of this one word can.Investors who are worried about foreign interest rate hikes and the plunge of China’s stock market caused by foreign attack on China’s stock market are deeply rooted in their minds.As soon as they hear some threats on the mobile Internet, as soon as they see the stock index close a few bari lines in succession — the historical shadow planted in their minds will quickly take over.This was then.Why don’t former 30 years of China’s central proposed room for speculation, not why, in expanding domestic demand, the outside world under the premise of not clear – China’s central still repeatedly if you are my good friend, if you are a long-term follow-up after my opinion of ordinary people, don’t need to look in the history of more than 10 years of views, then since October 19, 2018.These nearly 40 months, if you do not really understand the market’s main capital – band group to do the market wheel battle, you still do not touch the edge, is still a bardo you panic.Chang Changting has been stressed that under the background of stable word as the head, to really do a plus and is to focus on China’s central policy orientation belongs to the stock direction.From 5G in 2019 to localization of patriotism in 2020, from new energy to double carbon and so on, these bands cluster together to do the market of the bureau of wheel fighting, the main institutions are making a lot of money.In 26 years, there have probably been few truly great bull markets in which the leading players have won so easily.The year 2022 is only two months old, and China’s central policy orientation is already comprehensive — the digital economy.We can also see that the trend of digital economy has been fully recognized by major institutions, from the meta-universe to digitization, from digital currency to data center.Often pavilion in early 2021, wrote an article on the forward-looking strategic “about the word” carbon, for its great friends a very definite direction, in a nutshell, if you from the start of 2021, with a strategic, proactive to deeply understand the word, can in under the background that most people don’t recognize, dare to kill under pressure, intimidation,Dare to lie at the foot of the hill in the stock price – focus on, to today, you look back, the stock index again sit roller coaster, you are not the account big earn especially.In short, foreign interest rates, and then hit Z, do not be a bird alarmed by the mere twang of a bow.China’s stock market is always a policy market, carefully to clarify the policy guidance, with the most common heart and the most strategic to advance the potential layout of relevant beneficiary stocks.Even if the stock market drops further, you can reap a bumper harvest.