An old photo of Lushun that has been misread many times

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There is an old photograph in Lushun that has been misinterpreted many times. It was taken during the period when the Docks were forcibly leased by the Russians.The film has been misread as Lvshun railway station in some historical books, the walls and roads are mistaken for railways, some say Russian barracks, and even more ridiculous, the new downtown streets of Lvshun.This is all caused by a cursory survey.On the first night of the first day, some netizens sent photos to ask whether this is the new urban area of Lushun.I replied that it was the southeast factory area of Lvshun Shipyard, and the lower right corner was the coal storage area at that time.Outside the wall is Lushun Hehua Bay, the main site of the Lushun Massacre in 1894.British seaman James Allen witnessed the tragedy.In his book Under the Banner of the Dragon, he said, “For the first time, I saw the Japanese troops chasing the fleeing crowd, fiercely attacking all the refugees with rifles and bayonets, stabbing and slashing the fallen like demons…They shot down anyone they came across.On almost every street, people began to be paralyzed by the bodies lying on the ground.Again and again I wandered into the whirlpool of carnage, caught in the crossfire of bullets from the narrow streets.As I turned from a dark lane to a steep ground, a pool of water came into view.I immediately recognized it as a shallow but large freshwater lake behind the empty dock…The lake was surrounded by a lot of Japanese troops, the Japanese rushed countless refugees to the lake, shot them from four sides, and bayonet the refugees who tried to struggle out of the lake back to the lake, floating dead bodies, the lake was red with blood…New victims continued to be driven into the lake until it could take no more.”James Allen’s freshwater lake is what we call Lotus Bay.Looking at the old photos in the southeastern corner of dashi Lushun Shipyard factory, two questions will be raised by comparing the environment around the current shipyard: first, how does the water in Lotus Bay come from?As the area east of the shipyard is low-lying, every summer, rainwater coming down from Zhaojiagou Mountain in the east of Lushun city gathers here along the river, forming a bay of different sizes, which is called “Lotus Bay” by local people.Second, why can’t I see lotus Bay now?After the 1980s, the shipyard factory expanded to the east, and the water of Lotus Bay was introduced into the sea by the built waterway, and this area was gradually elevated.Successive factories and buildings in the family area were built.Zoom in on the picture above. Do you see the big inlets in the southeast of the panoramic view of Port Lushun?That’s what James Allen called a freshwater lake, and that’s what we call Lotus Bay.It can further prove that the first black and white photo and the second colored photo are the factory area southeast of Lvshun Shipyard.To say otherwise is to not carefully look at old photos and do not have a good understanding of the original landscape.