Zibo: Re-shaping the new context of urban development with “numbers”

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In the spring of 2022, good news will come again. The latest civilized City evaluation results of Zibo are very good.Behind the gratifying achievements are the fruits of the era of big data, digital construction of zibo city leading new advantages, digitalization is also becoming the core driving force of high quality development of Zibo.In 2020, Several Measures of Zibo City to Support the Development of Digital Economy was released, strengthening digital infrastructure and vigorously fostering new hotspots of digital economy. Zibo, as a new “digital” city, is developing rapidly, and the transformation of old and new driving forces is also accelerating.At present, the digitalization of zibo city with industry and industrialization as the core, take full advantage of a new generation of information technology in agriculture, industry, service industry for all-round, the whole point of view, the whole chain of digital upgrade, speed up the formation of “supporting industry +” of “platform + ecology” “digital + fu can” digital city “technology + financial” ecological, in with the “number” again in the land of qilu model developmentThe new context.Slabs of marbled, high-quality beef are being automatically sorted, packaged, and shipped across Alibaba’s nationwide logistics network to be served in the shortest possible time.This is the scene of the production site of The Hema Fresh Digital agricultural beef industrial cluster of Newlandi · Alibaba in Zibo City.Build digital fu can step black cow new mode of whole industry chain and industry cluster development, shandong new rings to any cattle food co., LTD. Based on the digital transformation to achieve the black cattle breeding, ecological breeding, slaughtering, segmentation, deep processing, intelligent trading market, cold chain logistics, terminal distribution of monitoring and management, has been completed, which is based on modern information technology industry intelligent transformation and upgrading.In recent years, Zibo city has seized development opportunities and taken digital economy as a key step to promote transformation and development. It has adhered to comprehensive digital transformation to promote high-quality development, create high-quality life, realize efficient governance and accelerate the release of new vitality of digital economy.In 2021, Driven by system integration reform, Zhangdian District, Zibo City will actively implement provincial and municipal policies and measures to support the development of digital economy and make every effort to cultivate a dynamic digital economy.In this year, Shandong Zhuochuang Information Co., LTD. “Zhuochuang Information Big Data Think Tank platform for Bulk Commodities” was awarded as a four-star digital economy platform in Shandong Province and received 3 million yuan of capital awards and subsidies.Shandong Qixiang Intelligent Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD., and Yunshangjixia (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., respectively, won the provincial “Digital Shandong” development fund of 90,000 yuan in 2021.Group production workshop, located in zibo city zichuan’s ability under the blessing of 5 g technology, the Internet industry by building the connection machine, material, people, the basis of the information system network, realizes the industrial comprehensive perception, dynamic data transmission and real-time analysis, and scientific decision-making and intelligent control, raise the efficiency of industrial manufacturing resources configuration.”With the accumulated advantage of industrial Internet application, in 2021, the power group for the construction of industrial Internet identification analysis secondary node qualification, take the lead in the industry to build connections between the country’s top node and enterprise motor information hub.”Power group chairman Gao Ling introduced.To foster a number of digital industries with distinctive competitiveness, to create an innovation-driven development plateau, to drive the high-quality development of the city’s digital economy to a new level, zibo city bravely scaled the “digital” peak.At the end of 2021, The Qilu Intelligent Micro-system Innovation Industrial Base declared by Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Center of Zibo High-tech Zone was successfully selected as the provincial digital Economic Park in 2021.There are 103 enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing in Qilu Intelligent Micro-system Innovation Industrial Base, and many enterprises, such as Xintong Electronics, Longzhong Information, Fang Xingguang Electric, Newshidat and Nengxing Robot, have been on the cloud platform.In early January 2022, the world’s largest unicorn enterprise bytes to beat its volcanic engine qilu big data headquarters located in zibo zhoucun district, zibo city will be fully rely on volcanic engine information technology, the integrated use of electricity, social, content, better serve the zibo digital economy industry gathered themselves together, and boost industrial enterprise digital transformation and innovation and development.The construction of new smart city is an important support for the urban upgrading and industrial transformation of Zibo.Planning in advance, reform and innovation, zibo new smart city construction has achieved remarkable results.Zibo city has issued a series of documents, such as Overall Planning Outline of Zibo New Smart City (2017-2021), Implementation Plan of Pilot demonstration Construction of Zibo New Smart City, and Several measures of Zibo To support the development of digital Economy, providing strong guidance for the construction of new smart city and the development of digital economy in Zibo City.Centering on “excellent governance, people’s benefit, prosperity and strong foundation”, more than 300 characteristic cases of new smart cities have been formed, 100 of which have been listed in the provincial list, ranking first in the province.”Digital” Zibo, it is necessary to consolidate the development of digital economy and the construction of smart Zibo, and consolidate the “base” of network infrastructure.By February 2022, A total of 5,092 5G base stations and 3,290 smart charging piles had been built in Zibo, achieving full COVERAGE of 5G network in the city’s main urban areas and all districts and counties.With the goal of large-scale, intensive and green development, Zibo city plans to promote the construction of data centers and actively integrates into the provincial integrated big data center system. There are 11 data centers in use in the city, and the total number of standard racks (2.5KW) is over 30,000.By the end of October 2021, the municipal level (Zhangdian District, high-tech Zone) and 7 districts and counties had all been included in the provincial-level pilot projects,26 smart communities (villages) had received provincial-level support, and six provincial-level digital economy parks and eight provincial-level digital economy platforms had been formed.Is to stride ahead toward the wisdom city zichuan district of zibo city is based on power group intelligent motor + industrial Internet platform, the implementation of “cloud” on the ten thousand motor action, access enterprise and electrical equipment, and Internet platforms and zichuan city wisdom through the industry regulatory docking platform, build urban regulatory “picture” wisdom, wisdom industry regulation, the overall improvementZichuan district industrial equipment intelligent level.Since its launch, “One Map” has successfully increased the resolution rate of problem detection from 58% to 98%, and reduced the average response time from 6 hours to 30 minutes.Zibo city also promotes data integration and sharing and innovates data application scenarios, so as to truly “let data run more and let the masses run less and do not run”.Education, public security and other departments share 297 types of data to realize the “intelligent mapping” of education enrollment and the analysis and judgment of public security cases.By February 2022, the intelligent financial comprehensive service platform of Zibo city gathered 590 million pieces of data and issued 33.47 billion yuan of loans to more than 12,000 enterprises.More than 1.1 million people in the city’s social security benefits “non-inductive certification, silent certification, certification rate as high as 96%;Data enable “Qihuibao” business insurance to quickly settle claims, improve the quality and efficiency of housing provident fund business management, and other aspects more accurate and efficient.At the same time, “Zibo Digital Infrastructure Development Plan (2021-2023)” and “Zibo Digital City Development Plan (2021-2025)” have been released, and on March 5, 2022, Zibo Information Association was established to promote industrial digitalization, accelerate the building of “Industrial fu city”, and carry out the action of doubling the core industries of digital economy, ZiboBo was right on time.To build the provinceNew wisdom city “show” on February 15, 2022, the closing of zibo city on the thirteenth party congress, a new digital map of zibo municipal party committee of the development of new coordinates, zibo to force to promote the reform of digital transition, focus on the industrialization of digital, to carry out the digital core economic industry multiplication operations, and foster the development of the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, chain blocks, etcDigital industry, strive to increase the added value of the core industry of digital economy by more than 15% annually, speed up the construction of digital government, digital city, digital society and digital enterprises, and create the highland of digital transformation in the province.In the next step, Zibo city will seize the opportunity of pilot construction of new smart city in the province, build an integrated application-oriented smart city with “application-led, all-in-one”, and form a new pattern of cluster development of new smart city.We will optimize and upgrade development targets for new smart cities.In accordance with the construction standard of new smart city in Shandong Province, accelerate the improvement of weak points and strong points in all indicators, and strive to achieve five-star;We will speed up the digitalization and smart development of communities and villages, and build a number of smart communities and villages with distinctive features that satisfy the people.We will accelerate the development of an urban digital brain.We will promote innovation in urban management concepts, modes and means, provide strong support for risk monitoring and early warning, response to major events, scientific decision-making in emergency management, and refined urban management. We will continue to modernize the urban governance system and capacity, and realize that “one screen watches the whole city and one screen supervises the whole city”.Continuously expand the application scenarios of wisdom.Focus on infrastructure, urban management, emergency management, e-government service, ecological environment, health and other key areas, expanding application scenario wisdom, further developing of the city’s new wisdom city construction style window and the typical experience, omni-directional, the wisdom of the broad cover, three-dimensional governance pattern, as the province’s new wisdom city “show”.The new smart city cluster of “intelligent infrastructure, convenient public services, refined urban management, livable urban environment and modernized industrial system” in Zibo city is rising up on the basis of “digital”.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Sun Liangdong report)