What are the ‘presidential records’ That Trump brought home after 15 boxes of classified documents were found?

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The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) confirmed to Congress that former President Trump took classified documents related to national security back to Florida when he left office in January last year.About two weeks ago, some US media reported that President Trump took some classified documents with him when he left the White House.The documents are classified and could harm national security if made public.In early 2021, Mr. Trump hastily packed his belongings after his election defeat, joined by his entourage, aides and secret service personnel, and everything was bundled into trucks and stored at Mar-a-Lago, his private home in Palm Beach, Fla.Interestingly, in this process, existing procedures concerning national security and secrets are rendered obsolete.The transition process, departure procedures and White House management have become chaotic.About eight months ago, the National Archives and Records Administration began contacting the departing Trump team in hopes of retrieving the “presidential records” he took with him.Because under U.S. law, these things are supposed to be preserved and managed by U.S. government agencies.Staff members have even said they plan to notify Congress and the Justice Department if the matter is not resolved quickly.Mr Trump, however capricious, should know the ground rules.So, why would he take all this stuff? What’s in all this stuff?Trump advisers told the Washington Post there was “no nefarious intent” and said the 15 boxes contained “memorabilia, gifts, letters from leaders and other correspondence”.The material brought to Mar-a-Lago included letters, records, newspapers, magazines and various articles, according to Mr. Trump’s statement and media reports.They include his correspondence with former President Barack Obama and other world leaders, as well as drafts of his speeches, press clippings, tweets and other social media accounts.The material is likely to go on display at Mr. Trump’s presidential library.On Feb. 18, the National Archives and Records Administration disclosed more information in a letter to the House Oversight and Reform Committee.The letter said the bureau was compiling an inventory of those documents and expected to complete it by Feb. 25.On the other hand, the Archives and Records Administration also acknowledged that some social media records were not preserved in a timely manner by the Trump team.Staffers are asking trump’s representatives to continue searching for additional documents under the Presidential records Act.The bureau also noted that it was informed as early as 2018 that Mr. Trump had torn up documents, that some of the destroyed documents were recycled by White House staff and others were completely destroyed and lost.The Presidential Records Act (PRA) is a law passed in 1978 that changes the legal ownership of the official records of the president and vice president from private to public.In addition, the law regulates how presidential records can be held by relevant agencies and the U.S. government.For example, requiring the president and his staff to take every practical step to keep personal records separate from presidential records;No individual creating presidential records may use an unofficial electronic messaging account;Once a president leaves office, presidential records are automatically transferred to the legal custody of the archivist.But trump’s disregard for “presidential records” during his presidency has reached a troubling level, according to disclosures by the National Archives and Records Administration and the US media.The National Archives and Records Administration, for example, noted that some White House staff members used unofficial electronic messaging accounts for official business.Us media reported that During his term in office, Trump often tore up documents, drafts and memos after reading them, and regularly flushed documents down the toilet at his residence in the White House, which was later found to be clogged by maintenance staff.In addition, Mr. Trump often has aides board the presidential plane with boxes of unread social media drafts of memos, articles and tweets, and then tear them up after reviewing them.This haphazard pattern of behavior has made it harder for aides to keep a “presidential record” throughout Trump’s four-year term.Some documents were eventually salvaged from the trash and pasted together, but many were destroyed.Three years in jail and a $2000 fine?The Presidential Records Act requires strict archiving of many White House records. Violators can be sentenced to up to three years in prison and a $2,000 fine.So will Mr Trump face any of these problems at all?Even if Trump is found to have secretly kept presidential records, it is unclear whether federal prosecutors are willing to charge him, according to U.S. media.Because such prosecutions can be difficult if the Justice Department is required to prove that the former president intended to withhold important documents.It should be said that among the 15 boxes of documents that have been found, apart from those insignificant parts, if classified documents are leaked, people can learn not only some classified information from them, but also the decision-making process, habits and tendencies of the US government.More Americans are concerned that the documents, some of them state secrets, have been moved and kept for a year.It’s impossible to verify whether documents were copied or leaked during that year.Of course, it is an opportune time for the Democratic Party to investigate the secret collection of presidential records ahead of the mid-term elections.# Mediaman Weekly