Shenyang Conservatory of Music: to fight “epidemic” to wait for flowers

2022-05-22 0 By

In the face of the severe and complex epidemic situation, the teachers and students of Shenyang Conservatory of Music gave full play to their professional advantages and used various unique art forms to cheer for the fight against the epidemic.Student wang passed by the affiliated high school of Shen Yin creek, singing songs, drama, film and television institute associate professor NieHongTao make MV “hug from a distance” in the perspective of children on the other side of the empty, praised the disease resistance line of the broad masses of medical workers and volunteers for everybody “s home” spirit of dedication, song MV in People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, China news network, learning powers of the central and provincial nearly hundred media;The teachers and students also composed more than 20 anti-epidemic songs, including “Pass on Love”, “My Dear Baby”, “Always Have Expectations”, “Don’t Ask Me Who I am”, “You Say You’re Just a Doctor” and “Guard Hope”.The “music healing group” composed of teachers and students from the Department of Music Science and Technology of Shen Yin made a public welfare video entitled “The Sound of Spring Flowers is with you”, which uses the method of music therapy to relieve teachers and students’ nervous and anxious emotions, and at the same time allows more citizens to adjust their psychological and physiological state through the method of “music healing”.Seventy-four young students from all the departments of Shenyin relay performed the “Anti-epidemic gesture dance” in a way full of Shenyin characteristics, showing the energetic and uplifting spirit of Shenyin students. In this positive and optimistic way, they conveyed the true feelings of the world, carried forward boundless love, and strengthened the faith and determination of teachers and students to win the war against the epidemic.