Hong Kong stocks open up, A shares off to A promising start, but pay attention to two points

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The stock market has risk, flexible reference, act accordingly!Free to share core views and experience!A dry goods, joy, temperature, let you grow the number of life!Dear friends and old iron good evening, first praise after look, annual salary million!Whether up or down, make money and lose money, I hope every day to open small junjun’s article can bring you a good mood, and then the big wind and rain and pain we endure together, there is success and joy to share.Other usually busy, may occasionally wrong words or impassability when a joke.But the original degree of the article, dry goods degree and accuracy value of everyone have!Thank you again for your support and appreciation!I wish you all good health in the year of the iron Tiger.Junjun has not posted many articles in the past two days, but he is not busy. He didn’t go out these two days, mainly thinking it was the New Year, so he tried to let everyone forget the stock market, forget The Chinese football and forget the Internet, and have a good rest with all his heart. Besides, he also stayed up all night yesterday to watch the Chinese women’s football team that I was expecting, and the Chinese women’s football team is geili.But tomorrow will be ready to prepare A shares, it will be more than A document on the class.First of all, it’s true, as I thought before, that every time we have a holiday rally on the periphery, when we come back and start falling, it’s disgusting: THE U.S. stock market closed down On Thursday, down 3.7% on the NASDAQ.Tech giant MetaPlatforms plunged 26.4% after reporting earnings.Investors are assessing the latest batch of corporate earnings.The number of americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell to 238,000 last week, the second straight weekly decline, and productivity rose by the most in more than a year in the fourth quarter.The Bank of England raised interest rates for the second time in a row.At the close of trading, the three major U.S. stock indexes closed sharply lower, with the Nasdaq down 3.74%, the S&P 500 down 2.44% and the Dow down 1.45%.The Nasdaq 100 plunged 4.2%, its biggest drop since September 2020.Us big tech stocks were lower across the board, with MetaPlatforms closing down 26%, the biggest market cap decline in US stock market history.Amazon fell nearly 8%, Netflix fell more than 5%, Google fell more than 3% and Apple fell nearly 2%.Hot concept stocks were mixed, fluent up more than 24%, Tianmei biological up more than 23%, Zhilin Group up more than 18%, Happy Car down more than 10%, Baiji Shenzhou down 9%.Chinese concept of new energy vehicle stocks lower across the board, Xiaopeng Automobile fell more than 3%, NiO Automobile, Ideal automobile fell more than 2%.Meanwhile, major European indexes were all down, with Britain’s FTSE 100 down 0.71 percent at the close.France’s CAC40 index fell 1.54%;Germany’s DAX30 index fell 1.57%.Nymex West Texas Intermediate for March delivery rose $2.01, or 2.3%, to settle at $90.27 a barrel.It was the highest close for the front-month contract since Oct. 6, 2014, according to FactSet data.However, today’s sharp rise in Hong Kong stocks is to withstand the pressure of the US stock market, Hong Kong stocks can withstand, I believe there is no problem with a-shares: On February 4th, Hong Kong stocks rose sharply in the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger. By the close of trading, Hang Seng Index rose 3.24%, Hang Seng Technology index rose 3.05%, at 5581 points.China index rose 2.81%, intraday stood at 8600 points.The city’s daily turnover was HK $113.4 billion.Consumer discretionary and financials led the way, while Tron and Haidilao, up more than 8 per cent, led the blue chips higher.Large tech stocks rallied, with Baidu up nearly 6%, Bilibili up more than 2.5%, Meituan up 3% and Kuaishou up 1%.Auto stocks continued to lead the rally, with Ideal Automobile up 12 percent and Xiaopeng Automobile up 11 percent.Sporting goods stocks continued to rally in the afternoon, li Ning up more than 7.5%, Anta up more than 6%.Banks, insurance and other big financial plate up;Housing stocks and property management stocks rose hand in hand, Yuexiu services up more than 12%, Kaisa industry rose more than 9%;Catering stocks strong, haidilao up more than 8%;The semiconductor sector surged in the afternoon, with Huahong semiconductor up 3%.Gold stocks, Internet medical stocks, gambling stocks, Tesla stocks and airline stocks rose.Film and television stocks, on the other hand, fell collectively, with Pictures down 7 percent and Maoyan down more than 4.5 percent.Medical concepts were lower, with Corning Hospital down 26%.Two points to note is: before the first section did not appear too big bottoming phenomenon, so after the first day of the rally do not chase, in general, after a good start will be back to form a short-term bottom, so do not chase.Secondly, we should pay attention to the reinforcing decline of the plate before the Spring Festival, such as the meta-universe, such as media, especially this year a watergate Bridge film is driven by the afterheat of Changjin Lake, coupled with high ticket prices, this year’s film is less than expected.Chinese New Year is dead?Box office hits biggest drop ever: Are ticket prices to blame?On the second day of the lunar New Year, China’s box office failed to break 1 billion yuan, down 32% from the previous month.This year’s Spring Festival is no longer the strongest on record, with China’s first-day box office taking at 1.451 billion yuan, down from 1.692 billion yuan last year, according to Maoyan professional.Attendance was 25.89 million, down nearly 25 percent from last year’s 34.458 million.The average ticket price is 56 yuan, up 14 percent from 49.1 yuan last year.China’s box office took in 934 million yuan on the second day of the Spring Festival in 2022, down nearly 30 percent from the same period last year and a third from the first day of the New Year, the biggest drop on record, according to the China Film Administration.By the third day of the lunar New Year, the total box office was about 800 million yuan.All of the current hits, with the exception of “The Professional” and “Boonie Bears,” saw a sharp drop, with “Four Seas” leading the way with a 56.2 percent drop.(Chuangyebang) is most optimistic about the new energy sector:Byd yesterday’s sales volume is relatively good, and his DM -i technology is a perfect alternative fuel vehicles, this is not possessed by tesla technology, byd only in sales in January than in December sales decline of brand, tesla domestic sales of around $19000 in January, but tesla’s international sales, high combined estimates there are around 50000.So BYD should be in the long run, selling cars globally as well as in the long run.Conclusion:After a good beginning, after concussion rebound is given priority to, but the line is rebound, market is not entirely a bottom, rally to can do T, waiting for the outsole built, bottoms in 3 months, so the patient operation, the stock market this year is the year of the tiger, Wolf last year was up eight months, four months this year, so the light warehouse empty warehouse must hold the hand,Bear the lonely keep the wealth.Today is the same evening 9.00 class, no class tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, preparing for the Year of the Tiger, the task is difficult, do not take it lightly.Finally, I wish you a happy year of the tiger, the year of the Tiger, jun little with you together dragon lying tiger, base unit with the war, refueling together, a happy war!Once again, I wish you good health, family harmony and wealth in the Year of the Tiger.More to bless the prosperity of the motherland, a country to have a home, we live and work hard, support the development of the motherland!#2021A shares huge loss ranking