Haven’t eaten the bamboo shoots yet?Your spring will be over

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Huizhou people’s spring is tied to a bamboo shoot.Jiangnan area, it seems to have the habit of eating spring bamboo shoots.A spring thunder in March, this is the signal given by nature.Huizhou is full of mountains. Many people go up the mountain before dawn to look for spring bamboo shoots. After some trouble, they can eat a mouthful of fresh bamboo shoots and taste the taste of spring.Fresh bamboo shoots dug out are still dusty, and soon become pure and clean. Eating bamboo shoots in spring is as elegant as writing poems.Su Dongpo was particularly fond of bamboo shoots. In addition to dongpo meat, bamboo shoots and roast meat were also related to him.When spring came, Su Dongpo wrote sourly to his friend Wen Tong, saying, “Humph, now you are burning bamboo shoots alone by the edge of the forest!”Su Dongpo wanted to eat bamboo shoots in Lin ‘an, which is also a place to produce spring bamboo shoots.Lin ‘an, living on bamboo shoots Lin ‘an is located in the west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in the Tianmu mountains.Today, Lin ‘an is covered with bamboo.It is sunny and warm and humid here, providing a unique environment for bamboo to grow.In Lin ‘an, no matter in the mountains or hills, Lin ‘an is covered with green bamboo, so it has become the hometown of bamboo in China.Can make food without meat, can not live without bamboo.That year Su Dongpo may be in the bamboo forest misty Lin ‘an, left this eternal sentence.More famous than the bamboo in Lin ‘an, is the bamboo shoots in Lin ‘an.For thousands of years, bamboo shoots have been an important economic source for Lin ‘an people.After the vernal equinox, bamboo shoots begin to sprout.A spring thunder, spring in the first wave of bamboo shoots came, known as thunder bamboo shoots.The bamboo shoots should be eaten within ten days, after which they will become towering bamboos.Digging bamboo shoots is not only the hope of people in the countryside, but also the expectation of people in the city. It is a competition with time, which is more experience than hand speed.At five o ‘clock in the morning, the bamboo shoots pickers go out, carefully loosen the surrounding soil, gently remove it, and then fill it back in to protect the roots of bamboo shoots.Such tender spring bamboo shoots, you can not love the next, thunder bamboo shoots in the hands of the village women, will be processed with the fastest speed.Peeling off a “dusty face”, exposed white bamboo shoots, let a person happy.There are ten thousand ways to eat bamboo shoots: “cook the bamboo shoots and meat together, fill the box and GUI, and people stop eating bamboo shoots and leave the meat”.In front of bamboo shoots, delicacies are dwarfed.The crisp, tender and refreshing texture of bamboo shoots, whether stir-fried, stewed, braised or stewed, all become delicious and fresh to the extreme, so it is called “the first product of this vegetable food”.True · universal bamboo shoots, any way to make delicious burned fresh bamboo shoots, only after the awakening of Insects can do this, after two spring rains, you can not eat, umami taste from person.Jiangnan people use a bowl of yandu xian to explain “meat with fat pig” incisively and vividly.”Yan” refers to salted meat, “Du” in Wu means simmering, and “xian” refers to fresh spring bamboo shoots.Listening to the sound of “cooing”, the smell of meat and fresh bamboo shoots filled the air.Milk white soup, tender yellow bamboo shoots, tender powder of bacon, plus a handful of green onion, like a picture of jiangnan spring scenery.Drink a mouthful, fresh off the eyebrows.Spring is wasted if we don’t have fresh food.The combination of mountain and sea CP is braised bamboo shoots, fried pig ears with bamboo shoots, fried bacon with bamboo shoots, fried eggs with bamboo shoots…You can eat bamboo shoots for a whole month without repeating them.Fresh bamboo shoots have a short shelf life. In order to preserve the freshness, people invented dried bamboo shoots.First boil the bamboo shoots with spices to taste, and then tear them into bamboo shoots, with the help of charcoal fire to evaporate the water, it has become the favorite tea in jiangnan area.Mt. Huangshan spring bamboo shoots, light astringency, high meat rate, high water content, taste will be more moist, even if not blanched, also rarely astringency.When digging bamboo shoots, only digging the head of bamboo shoots will not out of the new bamboo shoots, such spring bamboo shoots, thin shell meat is tender.Villagers in the mountains often say, “Out of the mountains, bamboo shoots do not have this taste.”Spring bamboo shoots are rich in fiber, with only 25 calories per 100 grams of fresh bamboo shoots, which is the favorite of fitness enthusiasts.The taste of spring bamboo shoots is extremely delicious, whether stir-fried or soup, you can feel the freshness from spring.Although the epidemic is back, still can not go out, but as long as you can eat this mouthful of bamboo shoots, spring has not been in vain.