Fix the dock and the ship will come

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I used to love to use time flies, time flies such words, to sigh the passage of time and the ruthless years.But my 2021 is very long, because in this year I did a lot of things, if according to the Chinese year 2021 is still continuing…It’s definitely been a busy, fulfilling and happy year!At the beginning of the New Year of 2021, I never thought that I would spend the New Year of 2022 in Shenzhen and start my career in this city.I am very grateful to the current leadership to bring me into this company, the world has bole and then there is a swift horse, swift horse often and bole is not often, bole is good at looking at horses, so the swift horse has a gift, swift horse and Bole is the best kind of encounter between people.At every point in your life, when it happens, you don’t know what it means?But when you string it together, it’s the miracle of your life.To be honest, there are not many people who can meet such a good opportunity at my age. On the one hand, it is good luck. On the other hand, it is also true that they have been working very hard.I always tell young people to do things with accumulation, to focus, to tolerate loneliness.For example, I wanted to be a recruitment expert ten years ago.Ten years ago I was a HR director, recruitment is one of the modules, I in order to be a recruiter, first to work in executive search firm, so you have the experience of party a and party b, and then focus on an industry, new energy, doing fine deep in this industry, and accumulated the new energy industry contacts.In this process, I also encountered many temptations and opportunities, but AS long as it was not in my field or did not benefit the accumulation of things I would reject them outright.Learning to say no is also an ability.I will work backwards from my career planning and set the knowledge that I should learn and master. Then I will learn by doing and experience in practice. When I make achievements in work over and over again, I will bring myself strong self-confidence.Now the society is more and more impetuous, there are all kinds of people around us, if we go with the flow, or control is not good, then the loss will be our own, we really need to step down to see these things.The difference between a business and a livelihood A worker makes money by selling his or her time. An entrepreneur needs to support himself or herself. He or she is trained to do one thing well and eventually go all the way through ring B.Since I worked as a partner of a headhunting company for two years and had a short two-month experience of starting my own business, I deeply understood and realized the difficulties of being an entrepreneur.Only see “the thief eat meat did not see the thief beaten”.Frankly since the rise of media also cracked me up, I opened in early 2017, the public, short video taken in June 2020, in less than a year of time doing are flawed, but also do 60000 + fan, so had to make achievements in this field, try to do the training camp, write courseware, live, learn how to do community, etc.,But as I dug deeper into the area, bootcamp was a thankless task, and maintaining the community was expensive and time-consuming.After a brief trial and understanding of the industry, I immediately focused my time and energy on what I was best at — high-end recruitment, even though I had already run the whole B-ring and benefited from training, courses, lectures and commercials.However, I deeply know that we media platform still has great risks. It is very affected by national policies. The fans on your platform cannot really belong to you.My understanding of “we media” is like a lotus leaf in a pond. You think you are safe when you step on the lotus leaf, but as long as you remove the lotus leaf, you will be transferred into the pond.Mimong, Viya and Papi Jiang are living examples.And we media industry mixed, most people have become a handful of leek, really need to sharpen your eyes.Then I July, works as a good headhunting company in the United States, is my former boss invited me in the past, the company’s environment and the treatment is good, I didn’t think the job after a month and have a good chance, is I now the company, deliberate I think it is more suitable for me, this is a company do photovoltaic glass,Based on my more than ten years of experience in the new energy industry, I think I have more development space in this platform.When I decided to come to Shenzhen, my friends and colleagues were very surprised. They asked me to think carefully, saying that it is not easy to find a good job now, and I have worked in Beijing for ten years, so I have a good foundation and contacts. I should not give up this good platform and opportunity easily.However, I am a quick decision maker. When I think this opportunity is good after careful consideration, I will choose it without hesitation. I will not leave myself a backdoor, and I will try my best to do it well.In fact, I do not miss Beijing. When I left Beijing, I was also very sad and reluctant to give up, but I was curious about Shenzhen, first of all, what is the charm of this city?Why does it attract so many young people to develop here?The other thing is what does my company look like?Are your colleagues easy to contact?What kind of character are they?Will I get along with my boss?With curiosity and hope, I joined this group company listed on the main board of A-shares in Shenzhen on November 1, 2021.Embrace life (positive) 3, do not have your cake and eat it I mentioned just now, oneself do with time of a year and a half since the media, and has a result, in this year’s march for tencent short video track workplace blogger first grade B, in August of this year at the invitation of the global lighting industry and five other well-known companies HR aspects of doing a good job of teacher cooperation,Out a set of “2021 HRBP vocational training course”, at the same time I also distinguished lecturer, three of the Beijing zhongguancun talent association MAO columnist of human resources platform, at the beginning of this year to zhongguancun, some small and medium-sized enterprise CEO to do training, gold seed college students summer back half a day of training, has also been gameloft group invited,Share their own “gold medal recruitment management is how to temper” book, by the students.(Special lecturer of Zhongguancun Talent Association: CEO training site of small and medium-sized Enterprises) (Sharing with Jielak Reading Club) I feel that this year is really a full blossom year. I have done well in both my main and sideline jobs.A few months before I came to Shenzhen, I also participated in the second Stars Cup Vocal TV (Internet) Grand Prix. After more than a month of nationwide audition and online PK, 33 contestants finally competed in the final PK, and I also won a silver award.And before the competition did not do any preparation, incredibly can stand in the star Studio 800 meters of the studio without nervous singing, this back to a few years ago I can not do so natural and freely.(The second Vocal TV (Network) Grand Prix of Stars Cup: Silver Award) As my friend wrote in the message: “Nothing can be achieved overnight and there is no shortcut to success, the wonderful presentation is not only the adherence to music for many years, but also the precipitation of life experience and comprehensive temperament.I agree with and feel very strongly about this sentence. The reason why I am not afraid of the stage is that I have become more and more confident. Moreover, after one and a half years of short video and live broadcast training, these exercises have inadvertently trained my stage performance ability, plus the original foundation of vocal performance.This is what Steve Jobs said about the concept of “connecting dots and city lines”. The skills we learned in the past seem insignificant, but they will be connected one day, and you will become very powerful. But on the premise of being powerful, you need to do it earnestly, rather than seeking quick success and instant benefits.This year, there are also some cosmetics companies looking for me to do live broadcasting, book publishing companies looking for me to cooperate with the agency of books, but I refused.Because I know a person’s time and energy is limited, since I choose to do in the enterprise, I will be worthy of my boss.You can’t have your cake and eat it!4. The sentence “The ship will come when you mend the dock” was written by my husband when I just came back from studying in The UK. He told me to settle down and do things steadily.This also makes me think of such a paragraph on the Internet, feel very good, to my dear you, also give yourself, mutual encouragement!”When your talent can not support your ambition, you should calm down to learn;When your ability is not in control of your goal, you should settle down, experience;Dream, not impetuous, but precipitation and accumulation, only spell out the beauty, not so brilliant, the opportunity is always left to the most eager person, learn to talk to your heart, ask yourself, what kind of life you want, quiet learning, patient precipitation.”Water does not compete, contend is gushing!Looking back on 2021 is undoubtedly another important year in my life, a milestone year;Looking forward to 2022, I am sure it will be a year of great significance. I dare not slack off and make persistent efforts.Create brilliance again!