Drinking Pu ‘er tea, in the end is “health” or “cancer”?Experiment reveals truth

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Now more and more people like to choose tea, speaking of Pu ‘er tea, I believe everyone is familiar, many people love to drink, this tea is divided into cooked tea, raw tea, mostly in the shape of brick, cake, tuo, of course, there are also a small part in the form of loose tea to package.Cooked tea is made by blanching, stacking, fermentation, turning over and natural drying of sun-dried wool tea, while raw tea is made by grading and stacking, blending and stacking, electrostatic removal, air selection, picking and picking, autoclaving, drying and packaging of wool tea.There is a saying on the Internet: pu ‘er tea has carcinogens!This kind of opinion appeared soon, it was hotly discussed by people, so is there really any basis?What are the effects of Pu ‘er tea?Pu ‘er tea is mainly produced in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. Its tea soup is orange yellow, very thick, and its fragrance is more lasting.Its fragrance is very unique and persistent.Pu ‘er tea has many functions, such as lowering blood lipids, losing weight, inhibiting bacteria, helping digestion, warming the stomach, producing fluid and quenching thirst, decanting wine and detoxifying, and its health care function is also very strong.Long-term drinking can reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in our blood lipids, so it has the effect of losing weight. In addition, Pu ‘er tea can also cause blood vessel dilation, reduce blood pressure, slow down heart rate, reduce blood flow in the brain, and has a good therapeutic effect for patients with hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis.Therefore, Pu ‘er tea has a very good preventive and therapeutic effect on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Why pu-erh tea is carcinogenic?Is it true?The cause of pu ‘er tea cancer mainly comes from aflatoxin, many people believe that pu ‘er tea will produce aflatoxin in the fermentation process.Is the idea true?Yunnan agricultural university professor jie rumours, said professor zhou, as early as in 2012, yunnan agricultural university research team is through the simulation experiments show that the fermentation puer tea fermentation in the early part of the aspergillus flavus will grow in the tea samples, but in the late fermentation, the growth of aspergillus flavus are significantly suppressed, late fermentation won’t produce aflatoxins.Aflatoxin is rarely found in normal Pu-erh tea, and about one tenth of pu-erh tea has a small amount of aflatoxin, the gram number is less than 0.5, in line with the national food safety standards.Therefore, regular drinking of Pu ‘er tea does not increase the risk of cancer.On the other hand, aflatoxin in Pu ‘er tea is limited by the fermentation process.When the fermentation process is terminated, aflatoxin production is stopped immediately.You can rest assured to drink Pu-erh tea, keep your eyes open and treat it rationally. Choose proper channels to buy it. Do not buy wet Pu-erh tea, pay attention to the shelf life of Pu-erh tea and try not to drink expired tea.After drinking Pu ‘er tea, you can’t touch three things — wine we have been confused by a sentence: “drinking tea is good, benefiting the liver and sober up.”Friends who have really drunk too much will know how completely wrong this statement is.Drink too much Pu ‘er tea, people will feel more uncomfortable, more uncomfortable in the stomach.It is very unwise to drink Pu ‘er tea after drinking.Increased heart load can lead to drunken accidents.If drunk, a cup of hot milk to sleep, the next morning after breakfast cooked food, to help damaged stomach.Animal livers Animals’ livers are blood-forming and therefore contain large amounts of iron, which is good for human health.If you drink Pu-erh tea while eating liver, it will greatly reduce the absorption of iron by the human body, but it is best to wait for three or five hours to drink it, which can effectively reduce cholesterol and prevent three high.- Protein The acid substance in tea mixed with protein will reduce intestinal peristalsis, reduce intestinal moisture, affect the digestive system, causing constipation.Generally speaking, after eating beef, milk, eggs and other high protein food, it is best not to drink Pu ‘er tea within 3 hours.Conclusion: all things complement each other. Supreme means no lower, no lower means no higher. Chinese people pay attention to the five elements as well as their diet.
Pu ‘er tea is a health care product, long-term drinking is very beneficial to human health, with the function of lowering blood lipid, three high, nourishing stomach, protecting stomach, cancer prevention, refreshing, scientific certification, trusted by consumers.But we must pay attention to the way of drinking Pu ‘er tea, do not turn a good product into poison.Suggest collection!