Chen Yishi: The sound of poverty alleviation in the crow of the rooster

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Video: spring go grassroots | Chen Yishi: chicken calls the “poverty” in wenchang embrace luo town vibration al hill village village committee has so a villager, in recent years, every day in every quake-stricken town, he got up early late return, with the help of their industrious hands and government guidance, successfully removed the “poor” hat, make home days over quickly.New Year’s Day, the reporter visited Chen Yishi’s home, see the new house inside and outside are cleaned up neatly, everywhere permeated with the breath of happiness.Wenchang Rong Media Center reporter Li Wenxu: “This is Chen Yishi’s home, you can see the newly built house, he is now at home, let’s listen to his poverty alleviation story.”Wenchang City Baoluo zhen Lianshan village committee villager Chen Yishi: “or have to rely on their own hands, hard work, to live better and better, life is more and more wonderful.”The former Chen is not as smiling as he is now, he used to worry about the education of his three children and the support of his parents, every day a sad face.Until he enjoyed a number of national support policies, to solve the children to go to school, parents pension problems, live in a new house, so his face slowly smiled.Speaking of the changes over the years, Chen’s heart is full of happiness and satisfaction.He told reporters that not long ago he bought a new electric car, and travel is more convenient.He says the most obvious change in recent years is that he has more money and more hope in life.Chen Yishi, villager of Shantou village, Zhenlian Village Committee, Baoluo Town, Wenchang City: “Now it is good that there is a good policy of the Party to help us solve the problem of housing and children going to school.The rural revitalization policy has provided us with jobs, stable income and a better life.Now my biggest hope is to educate good children and give back to society.”After basic life gets safeguard, serve as the pillar in the home, Chen Yi Shi had new plan, that should let the life in the home live more affluence, flourishing namely.He worked hard to learn the technology of raising chickens and joined the village committee cooperative to develop wenchang’s chicken breeding industry, which earned more than 40,000 yuan last year.Today, Chan gets up early and stays up late to take care of his farm amid the sound of crows.Shi Xiaochun, chief of zhenlian Village Rural revitalization Team and first secretary of Zhenlian Village, Baoluo Town, Wenchang City, said, “When I saw their smiles on their faces, I was happy to see them living a better life step by step.In the coming work, our task force will strictly implement the four requirements, firmly uphold the bottom line of ensuring the safety of drinking water and ensuring the safety of drinking water, and comprehensively consolidate and improve the achievements and quality of poverty alleviation efforts to bring more income to the villagers.”