After the Lantern Festival to burn incense, give me a dream lover

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In fast-paced life slow down and make yourself have to think of some way to get a break this time comes is Fried the incidences of guiyang “palace” palace too exaggeration here is actually his unique beauty ❤ ️ west putuo temple formerly known as white cloud temple, built Yu Kangxi six years, is jizhong authentic broken under the gate in the west is clearly see the monk’s first dojo, destroyed by war in the late qing dynasty s,It was later rebuilt with the support of all parties.Traffic: take a bus to baiyun district, to the southwest trade city station, cross the road, also can take the subway line 2 B export spring lake park is tickets: one ticket on the way to see a lot of people wearing hanfu to highlight this photo also to add a lot of all the great temples of the time is limited, there is no turn to climb in the temple at the foot of the flight reservation strategy:✓ The ✓ wall, yellow wall, red wall, can be used as the background, take atmosphere photos under the ginkgo tree, also can be taken when burning incense