A new asymptomatic case was reported between 5 PM and 19 PM on March 31 in Hangzhou

2022-05-22 0 By

According to the official wechat news released by Hangzhou, a novel Coronavirus asymptomatic case was newly reported in Hangzhou from 5 PM to 19 PM on March 31.Asymptomatic infected person 2: Those returning from key epidemic areas in other provinces were quarantined after arriving at the East Railway Station by high-speed train (G1305, 02 Bus 17F) on March 30. They have been transferred to a designated hospital in a closed loop and are in stable condition.If the passenger is a fellow passenger, please report to the community or work unit in time, and cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing and other health management measures, so as to discover and prevent risks as soon as possible.Editor Chen Yanting