Women’s basketball wins hard to hide a downturn!The 207CM tower only scored two points and was abandoned by Zheng Wei at the critical moment

2022-05-21 0 By

In the 84-64 victory over Mali women’s Basketball, Han Xu, a 207CM tall inside player, did not play well and was abandoned by Zheng Wei at the critical moment, exposing her weak physical weakness in the game. In the next match against France, Han Xu also needs to adjust her personal condition in time.The game han bench, but his time play with lag, compared to enter time section 5 minutes left to get playing opportunities, appearance, han play is not ideal, the individual also wants to use offensive to prove value, but missed a continuous attack, attack process is impatient to get up, until a beautiful points complete layup hit the ball in the basket,As you progress through the game, han in the match against the disadvantage of poor ability of exposed, in front of the high intensity body against Mali, women’s basketball team, although han has absolute height advantage, but is not stable, the lower in the second section at the last minute, han has been directly in the process of placeholder without valid placeholder completed steals, is a microcosm of the most obvious.Also be rivals in the second quarter the ideal section play game, single section 24-21 lead the Chinese women’s basketball team, after entering the third quarter, the Zheng Wei conservative fears will not han substitute, as the Chinese women’s basketball team in the fourth quarter will expand the score to more than 20 points, again the game with two minutes remaining, Zheng Weicai restore the han substitute,After coming on stage, Han Wook did not play more in the game.Han in one game against Nigeria’s women’s basketball team game, one scored 15 points, including the projection of a beautiful three points, but more for cosco distance shooting personal attack, lack of interior storm, which is decided by individual body condition and technique playing, this for han, the game is also very well will personal failings exposed,She only played 7 minutes and only scored 2 points and 3 rebounds on 1 of 5 shots. If she can’t handle the pressure from the inside in the next game against The French women’s Basketball team, her physical strength will be a big challenge.