Witness the rise and rise of Shangrao digital economy chasheng East Road

2022-05-21 0 By

A small area with a large “number” of energies.Located in the Chasheng East section of Shangrao high-speed railway economic pilot zone, modern office buildings stand along the road, and a group of leading domestic digital cultural and data service enterprises gather here.East of the road is the game, proud star technology, Yuanju network, the west of the road is in science and technology innovation Park, Huawei Shangrao cloud data center.In 2015, when the pilot zone was established, the big data industry here was still blank.In just six years, it has achieved the leap from “0” to “1” and the explosive growth of the total digital economy.A new city of digital industry grows with “super strength”, and it is also a dream factory for countless young people engaged in the Internet industry.In 2021, Wu Youpeng, who has worked in many Internet enterprises, resigned from Beijing and returned to his hometown to embark on his “dream seeking journey” and become the director of strategic Development department of Jiangxi Yuanju Network Technology Co., LTD.That is, one year before he returned to his hometown, the popularity of Chinese web articles was heating up around the world. Yuan Ju caught up with this wave and arranged overseas markets, successfully incubated a group of authors in Europe and America and launched an overseas reading platform. It is expected that the revenue of overseas business could reach 30 million DOLLARS this year.”Before, when I talked about my hometown with others, I always talked about the scenery and travel.Now, I talk more about the digital economy!”Here, Wu Youpeng, who has a “digital” dream, can “spread his wings”, he said, “last year, the company’s revenue reached 260 million yuan, this year, Yuanjushang is moving toward the goal of 300 million yuan to 500 million yuan.”With the rise and growth of Shangrao’s digital economy, many young people like Wu will expand their “heaven and earth” here.This is exactly: from “0” to “1” world wide, digital economy upsurge.Shangrao Daily Phoenix Avenue