Top 10 Ageless Goddesses of China

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The years sometimes do not leave any traces on some people, some inverse growth of Chinese beauty stars like eating preservatives like beauty is always envied, you know who is not old goddess?These veritable ageless goddesses can you believe your eyes when you see their age?Angie Chiu (born November 15, 1954 in Hong Kong, China) is a Hong Kong actress and performance artist.In 1973, she participated in miss Hong Kong beauty pageant.She rose to fame in 1976 as the lead actress in Michael Hui’s box office hit Six Of One and six Of The Other.In 1979, she starred in Ann Hui’s film “Runaway” and won the Golden Horse Award for Feature Film.In the same year, he starred in the chu Yuan film “Heroes Without Tears”, creating the classic role of butterfly dance. In 1979, he was rated as one of the Top ten Stars in Hong Kong.In 1980, she won one of the most memorable actresses in 20th century TVB with Shanghai Beach.In 1985, guan Shiyin won the Gold Medal in New York International Film and Television Festival.2. Liu Xiaoqing, born in Fuling, Chongqing on October 30, 1955, graduated from the High School attached to Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 1970.In 1973, she was chosen by Bayi Film Studio to play the leading actress in South China Sea and Great Wall.In 1975, he became a member of the National Youth Federation of the People’s Republic of China.She broke out in 1979 with Little Flower.In 1980, he was transferred to Beijing Film Studio.In the same year, he won the best Supporting Actor award at the 3rd Hundred Flowers Popular Film Awards for his role in Look at the Family.In 1987, she won the best Actress of the 7th Golden Rooster Award of Chinese Film and the Best Actress of the 10th Hundred Flowers Award of Popular Film for her role as “Hu Yuyin” in Lotus Town. She served as the vice president of China National Acting Society and the art consultant of Tianjin People’s Art Theater.Gong Li, born on December 31, 1965 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, is a Chinese language film actor, United Nations Artist for Peace, and United Nations Ambassador for Global Environmental Protection.He rose to fame in 1987’s Red Sorghum;He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 1989.In 1992, she won the Best Award at the Venice International Film Festival for her film Qiu Ju lawsuit.In 1993, he won the Camera d ‘Or at the Berlin International Film Festival.From 1988 to 1993, his films won the Golden Bear, Golden Lion and Palme d ‘Or respectively, becoming the second actor in the world film history to win the top awards of three European international film festivals.In 1996, she appeared on the cover of Time magazine and became one of the top ten people in the world.Carina Lau (born December 8, 1965 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province) is a Hong Kong film and television actress.In 1983, he made his debut as a maid in The Legend of the Condor Heroes.In 1989, he starred in TVB drama Shanghai Storm.In 1991, she won the Best Actress award at the Three Continents Film Festival in Nantes, France for her role in “Days of Wild”.In 1998, she appeared in the film “Comb” and won the best Actress award of the 3rd Hong Kong Film Golden Bauhinia Award.In 2007, she starred in “Curiosity Kills the Cat” and won the best Actress in the 16th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.Vivian Chow (born November 10, 1967 in Hong Kong) is a Chinese singer and actress.Joined TVB in 1988 as host of Hit Songs, starring in her first film, The World of Three.She quit her radio career in 1991 to pursue a career in singing and acting.In 1993, he won the third most popular artist award for his TV series Big Time.Retired from the entertainment industry in 1997 and moved to Vancouver.In 2004, she published a new book, My Cat Son Chow Wai Bao, which was very popular in Hong Kong.Awarded the “2008 Most Influential Charity Star” in Shanghai charity activity “Love me China 2008 New Entertainment Charity Star Association” on March 3, 2008.Lin Chi-ling, born on November 29, 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan Province, is a Chinese film and television actress, model and presenter.In 2000, Lin chi-ling signed a contract with Kanye Model Agency and began her professional modeling career.Lin gained more attention in 2002 when she shot a TV commercial for a company.The following year, she was selected as “Taiwan’s Most beautiful woman” by the media.In 2004, she began to turn her acting career to the mainland.In 2011, she starred in two roles for the first time in the romantic drama Happiness Quotient.In 2014, Lin starred in the feature film Beijing, New York.In 2015, Lin chi-ling began appearing on the reality show Sister Tricks.Yang Yuying, born in Shigang Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province on May 11, 1971, is a Chinese female singer, hostess and music producer.1990 Signed a contract with Guangzhou New Era Video Company;In 1991, she released her first album “Blessing for Love”, which mainly focused on love.She became popular in 1992 when she sang the theme song “I Don’t Want to Talk” from the TV drama “Stranger Girl”.Until March 2014, he has officially published 12 personal albums, representative works such as I Don’t Want to Say, Whisper It to You, Heart Rain and I will wait for you in spring.In December 2011, Yang Yuying participated in the recording of “The Era Show” on Shenzhen TV and announced her comeback. On the morning of July 10, 2016, Yang Yuying, outstanding alumnus and “Queen of Sweet songs”, was hired as a visiting professor of the Music Department of Nanchang Normal College.Xu Qing, born in Beijing on January 22, 1969, is a Chinese mainland actress.In 1990, she starred in Chen Kaige’s film Singing while Walking;In 1992, she was well known by the audience for her leading role in the TV drama Ribs of the Imperial City and was nominated for the Best Actress of Chinese TV Golden Eagle Award.In 2002, she starred in the TV drama Chinese Women under gestapo guns and won the audience’s Favorite Actress award in the 20th China Golden Eagle TV Awards.In 2009, she played the leading actress Soong Ching Ling in the film The Founding of a Republic, and won the Hundred Flowers Award and the Best Supporting Actress at the Macau International Film Festival.In 2011, she appeared in the Hollywood film Looper.Liz Lai (born October 1, 1971 in Hong Kong) is an actress and pop singer, formerly known as TVB.In 1986, she made her film debut in Springbok.In 1990, he signed with TVB.He joined Warner Records in 1992.After her contract with TVB ended in 1995, she returned to the film industry and starred in the Series of “Young Men”. She made 11 films in five years.In 1999, he returned to TVB and starred in the TV series “Lean On Heaven and Slay Dragons”.In 2006, she won TVB weekly’s most Popular award for her role as zhu Minghui in Rouge Gouache.In 2007, she was awarded the Chinese Television Ten-year Outstanding Contribution Award and the Chinese Mainland Audience favorite TVB Female Artist Award.Vivian Hsu, born on March 19, 1975 in Fengyuan District, Taichung city, Taiwan Province, is a Taiwanese female singer and actress.In 2010, Vivian hsu signed a contract with Japan’s Universal Record company and returned to Japan to develop.On February 20, 2014, Vivian Hsu married Yunfeng Li.They married in a private ceremony on June 29 in Bali, Indonesia;In September, he served as a judge on dragon TV’s music reality show “The Voice of China’s Dream”.On August 13, 2015, Vivian Hsu gave birth by Caesarean section in Singapore. Both mother and baby are doing well.June 30, 2016, Shixin University Shanghai College MBA announced the list of overseas masters in vocational classes in Shanghai, Vivian Hsu to the 10th place.This list is mainly based on the artist in the international authoritative rank (the world’s one hundred most beautiful, Asia’s most fashionable, face, etc.), the popularity of the works and HuoJiangShu, sentiment exposure, public awareness, network focused on index and the fit with list of themes (age range, born area, facial shape characteristics, is engaged in the industry, etc.), and carries on the recommended comprehensive reference to the Internet,A statement for reference only entertainment, have different views welcome at the end of the exchange discussion.