Spring walked at the grass-roots level, the Spring Festival I on-the-job | rangers old cao persistence guard

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Jining News (reporter Feng Lu Lu Wang Hongyan Li Fang) Jining Zoucheng eastern mountains, there are state-owned Zoucheng 18 pan forest farm, forest farm has a pair of rooted forest rangers husband and wife – Cao Chuncheng and Li Yuling.This Spring Festival, the couple still guarded the farm as winter and spring came and went with a high incidence of forest fires.Today’s “Spring Festival I am on duty” to get to know them.”Headquarters headquarters, I am on the bamboo garden, everything is normal here.”Wearing camouflage clothes and liberation shoes, cao chuncheng patrols mountains and protects forests as planned.Cao Chuncheng told reporters that he is 53 years old this year, eighteen pan forest farm dry for 35 years, is also here for the 35th Spring Festival.In 1987, cao Chuncheng, 18 years old, succeeded his father and came to the forest farm to work as an ordinary forest ranger.In 2006, the old forest rangers of bamboo-garden area retired from the mountain.Cao chuncheng signed up and moved with his wife to a mountain more than 400 meters above sea level to protect the largest and most difficult bamboo garden area.Cao chuncheng recalled, “When I first started working here, there was no road, so I carried water for drinking and food.Heavy snow, can not get down the mountain, trapped in the mountain for two or three months, this thought is tears of life.How cold it was at the bottom of the mountain, five or six degrees colder at the top of the mountain.He had his apprentice on his head.”Cao Chuncheng to fight for the work, because too poor, was once the mother of strong opposition.”I don’t want him to come anytime,” Cao’s mother told reporters. “You’d be better anywhere than here. It’s too hard for the two children.”Mother’s opposition, Cao Chuncheng did not listen, he was dedicated to protecting the clear waters and green mountains.Cao Chuncheng said with deep feeling, “these trees, mountains, where know, everywhere have my footprints, which tree is big, which tree planted in how many years, know, remember also very clearly, let me run all over.”For Cao’s wife, Li Yuling, working in the mountains with her husband, the hardest part was the loneliness.”I always feel scared,” Li told the reporter. “If my partner is at home, I’m ok, but if not, I feel scared during the day.””People don’t often get together with their families because of me,” Cao said.I have to thank my daughter-in-law.I have to be with my husband (living on a mountain). Thank my date.”In the past, the barren mountains are now everywhere green, with more than 500,000 trees and nearly 100 kinds of insects and animals living here. Zoudong mountain area is increasingly vibrant.Thanks to Cao’s dedication, there has not been a single forest fire in 35 years.Liu Guoqing, deputy director of the forest, told reporters that 365 days a year, cao Chuncheng is guarding in this, we are very relieved.It was the Spring Festival again, and as usual, the old Caos were still here.In order to reunite the family, the mother, who is nearly 80 years old, can only go to the mountain to accompany her son and daughter-in-law.Cao chuncheng’s mother sighed, “The two of them can’t leave. I also want them to go home for the Spring Festival.Isn’t this mountain afraid of fire?Anyway, I care about here but not there, what tube, which year all take me over, and my son my daughter-in-law (year).As night fell, the mountain forest was gradually soaked by night. Only a light came out from the window of Lao Cao’s house, which also became the warmest light in the mountain.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com