Shenyang: Firmly guard the end of the line of defense for epidemic prevention and control!

2022-05-21 0 By

“After the vehicle is disinfected outside the site, it should be disinfected again on the unloading platform and disinfected again when the vehicle leaves…”On the morning of March 25, outside the medical waste emergency disposal operation area of Shenyang Dongtai Environmental Protection Industry Co., LTD., Wu Weinan, general manager of the company, said to reporters, “At present, there are more than 80 employees stationed in the factory, resolutely guarding the end of the defense line of epidemic prevention and control!”On March 15, after the nationwide nucleic acid testing was launched in Shenyang, the volume of medical waste and epidemic-related waste collected increased significantly, exceeding the maximum disposal capacity of Shenyang Medical waste Disposal Center. Shenyang immediately started the emergency disposal facility of Shenyang Dongtai Environmental Protection Industry Co., LTD., and set up the medical waste disposal work supervision group stationed at the site.Ensure the daily removal of medical waste and epidemic-related waste in the city.”At 23:30 on March 19, the company received a notice from Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, requiring immediate preparation for emergency disposal of medical waste during the epidemic.On March 20, the first batch of medical waste arrived, and the company strictly controlled all aspects of personnel protection, in-plant elimination, weighing registration, area separation, incineration and disposal. The whole disposal process was standardized and orderly, and 30.6 tons of medical waste was treated on the same day.””Wu said.Shenyang Dongtai is responsible for the disposal of medical waste, including nucleic acid sampling sites in the city, protective clothing, masks, etc., in order to firmly achieve the immediate arrival of incinization, medical waste does not stay overnight.The company has continuously improved the disposal efficiency through process adjustment, link optimization, personnel deployment and other measures. On March 21, the disposal capacity quickly reached 76.2 tons, and the accumulated disposal capacity has reached 285 tons.Shenyang City Ecological environment Bureau related person in charge told reporters, since March 30, Shenyang city medical waste cumulative volume of 32,236.86 tons, harmless disposal volume of 32,150.38 tons.Among them, 205,303.19 kg of epidemic related medical waste was collected, with 100% harmless disposal rate.