Please spread quickly!Puyang Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters office issued an emergency notice

2022-05-21 0 By

All the people in the whole city who did not take part in the nucleic acid test on March 12, please report to their communities (villages) and units before 18:00 today, and go to the nearest nucleic acid sampling site for nucleic acid sampling before 19:00 today.Urban and rural residents are requested to take the initiative to cooperate and take an active part in epidemic prevention and control. If they find that they did not participate in all nucleic acid testing personnel on March 12, they should take the initiative to remind or report to their villages (communities) and units.Conducting nucleic acid testing in all regions and ensuring that “all nucleic acid tests should be carried out and no one is missed” is crucial to containment, containment and extermination of the epidemic and minimizing the risk of spillover.Those who refuse to cooperate and cause the spread of the epidemic will be dealt with according to law and regulations.Office of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command, Puyang City, March 13, 2022