Guangzhou people talk about which wonton noodles are the best

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This text is slightly long, divided into seven parts, respectively: 1, lead 2, surface evaluation standard 3, evaluation process and results 4, wonton and soup base comparison 5, the whole Guangzhou Wonton noodles ranking 6, Cantonese wonton noodles around 7, end lead today not talk about real estate, talk about Wonton noodles.Why do you say that?Because I know a thing or two about wonton noodles.It’s a long story. I remember that when I was a few years old, I went with my grandmother to eat wonton noodles at Lianxin Noodle restaurant on Yumao Street, Lianxin Road. It must have been more than 30 years ago.At that time, eating a chopstick, there is a feeling of amazing heaven.In today’s Internet language, it is so delicious that you want to cry…Guangdong wonton noodles, not noodles, plus a few wonton, but especially in the presence of (we used to call silver egg noodle, now often called bamboo surface) then add wonton and specific permed hair, it is the most representative of guangdong many snacks, the most widely circulated, still enduring, the rising of many snacks.Whenever I go on a business trip for a long time, or travel abroad for a period of time, WHEN I come back to Guangzhou, I usually eat a few representative Cantonese dishes, snacks such as Wonton noodles and bra-chang, dishes such as braised goose and braised pork.As a result of this a few special like, so have a little research, have eaten N famous stores.So today, I will talk about wonton noodles first, and I will talk about other styles if I have time.I have personally tried most of the famous wonton noodle shops in Guangzhou that I can name.For example, baohua noodle shop, Ou Chengji, Wu Caiji, Zhuyuan Zhusheng noodle, Lidi noodle home, etc.There are also the first has realized the chain management, three friends face home, qiao Beauty face home.There are also strong adhere to the family inheritance of the home, margin face home, bamboo garden bamboo rose face, mother-in-law face.More for so many years or the only one of the time-honored, even new noodle home, Jian ji noodle shop, Hui Xi noodle home, Han Ji Yuntun noodle and so on.How many famous noodle restaurants did I try?I haven’t counted them carefully, but I’ve eaten most of the top 100 noodles on The Dianping Wonton noodles list.I’ve eaten a lot above 100, and that’s because the rankings are notoriously unreliable.In addition to Guangzhou, I have also tried some famous noodle shops in the Pearl River Delta, such as Mai Gan ji in Hong Kong and Ying Ji in Foshan.Some time ago, I bought 6 at a stretch. I think the products are all good. The noodles of Yuntun noodle shop made a horizontal evaluation at home.After Posting a personal post on social media and getting a bunch of comments, I decided to write today’s post.The reason why buy home to cook, because must be at the same time, the same soup under the horizontal evaluation can be evaluated.These 6 stores are located in haizhu district, I have eaten N many times, respectively, are Yuan Ji yun dumplings, sanyou noodles, force strong noodles, made bamboo rising noodles, Margin noodles, yongji snack bar.This time, I put the noodles from these 6 noodle shops together, and ate 6 noodle shops in a row, each eating about one or two pieces. Basically, I have clarified the way of Wonton noodle.Just to be clear, none of the noodle shops I’ve reviewed are bad.Noodles are delicious. This is the most basic requirement.So we have to compare in a higher dimension.That is to say, in addition to the “crisp” noodles, we should also pay attention to whether they have a “crisp” taste;Can’t “侲” (it’s too hard);Will stick teeth;If the soup lasts for a long time, it will not “rot” (become a lump);Surface body slippery not slippery and so on several dimensions to evaluate.When you put all the noodles together, you can immediately feel the huge difference in color, some are more yellow, some are lighter, and some have a white powder on the surface.It is said that bamboo noodles are made from duck eggs and flour, pressed into cakes and cut into noodles without adding a drop of water.Now because there are not so many duck eggs, many businesses are using eggs and noodles, as to add water?Most stores actually add water.A long time ago, I read an online evaluation that a certain wonton noodle can taste the aroma of egg. After I went back to several restaurants, I tried them carefully, but none of them could feel the so-called aroma of egg.On the contrary, the alkali taste is light and heavy, as for the weight of the alkali taste, in addition to the amount of alkali added when the surface, but also by the length of time placed outdoors, is the traditional “walk alkali”, new surface made, placed for not enough time, alkali taste is particularly heavy.Therefore, the aroma and taste of Wonton noodles are also one of the evaluation criteria, but mainly focus on whether there is an alkali taste. As for the yellow and light color, I cannot taste the taste of eggs, so it is not included in the evaluation item.After a comparison of the evaluation process and results, I personally think the following 6 faces can be divided into four grades.Yuan Jiyun dumplings, and three friends of the face, the two face is relatively ordinary, can not cook too long, 30~40 seconds must start the pot, otherwise it will be a tuo, not happy.After the noodles come out, you should eat them quickly. It is easy to make a tuo after soaking in the soup for a long time.It’s because the overall tightness of the face and body is slightly worse.The general feeling is more powder, less eggs.Of course, these two more standardized, stable quality, and 12~14 yuan a catty, daily eating is completely OK.But if take to do horizontal comparison, not as good as the other several more top.A little better is The Yong Kee Snack bar.It is also a time-honored brand, in the sand garden market, radiation surrounding customers.There’s always a line at breakfast and lunch, and online reviews are fantastic.But a horizontal comparison shows the problem.This one is cooler and smoother than the other two, but the noodles stick to the teeth, and in this case the feeling is very prominent.This is also its more prominent weakness.Better is the well-known force strong noodles home, Gemeal noodles shop.Both have several outlets in Haizhu district and are typical family-style snack bars.The cool degree of noodles in the two stores is the first flow in Guangzhou, and they will not stick teeth, taste is also slippery.But the most prominent problem with strong force is that the surface will definitely form a lump and cannot be dispersed.This makes it very difficult for it to absorb the juices.Even if you use chopsticks to pick up a few noodles, a pull up, the whole pile of noodles will be pulled up, this problem is only their family, as for why I can’t think of.This kind of noodles is good for soup noodles, but if you make noodles, you can’t melt them at all.Gemeal noodles, should be the most cool guangzhou, but also the most resistant to cooking.Basically more than ordinary noodle shop cooked more than twice, but also cool, in the soup soak a little longer also has little impact.However, that day I bought is their changgang road home, the face of the day a little rough, so special cool, cool to a little “侲” feeling.So cook noodles, master the characteristics of their own surface, grasp the heat is very important.In fact, the thickness of wanton noodles is related to the degree of their knife adjustment, maybe it is just widened this time, I used to eat other Mombao noodles are relatively thin.Self – made bamboo surface comprehensive ranking first.Another indicator is the smoothness of the surface, the fineness of the surface.Among the 6 kinds of noodles so far, I think the first one is zhuzaosheng noodles. It is said that this shop is actually from the same family as Zhuyuan.In all the tests, the noodles are cool, smooth and blister resistant, not sticky to teeth, not lumpy, not “侲” and not heavy in alkaline taste.Wonton and soup base are better. After reading the above content, we probably have an evaluation standard for wonton noodles. Then we will put this standard into the noodles of other Wonton noodle shops in the city for sorting.But just noodles, wonton, and soup base.Canton’s Wonton is not so good.Frankly speaking, at present, yunton stores in Guangzhou are not very good at yunton. The overall characteristics are as follows: thick first skin;This is a tradition, but modern people pay attention to health, do not like fat meat;The third cloud engulf several is cut meat, but the meat grinder wring, the result of meat stuffing is either a lump of meat mud, or it is stirred into a little strip of meat mud.It has something to do with the time it takes to cut meat in a traditional way, now that it’s industrialized.Fourth, like to add all kinds of messy things, such as crab seeds, shrimp seeds, abalone and so on, in order to raise the price.But I think the traditional cut wonton should be pure fresh meat, thin skin, small, bite-sized, meaty filling, but not too fat by today’s standards.If measured by the above standards, most of the wontons in Guangzhou are not very good, with thin skin, more than 70% of the wontons can be brushed.Which ones are the best?I think the Liqiang system is the best, and their Wonton can do almost all of the above.Finally, the soup base comparison.The tradition is pig bone, earth fish, shrimp ham bone and so on.But there is a big problem, the soup base of many traditional noodle shops is very unstable, sometimes rich, sometimes weak, which is related to non-standard operation.The master’s mood sometimes determines the weight of action.But in this respect, the chain yuntun noodle shop, the soup head is basically relatively stable, so the first side, three friends noodle home these chain stores are basically more secure.However, there is a problem, and everyone is in pursuit of strong taste, after eating, must drink hard.MSG is indispensable.Finally, there is a very important point, is whether to order some lard, this is not ordinary lard, is refined, and added other flavor, so some old noodle shops, you can always eat a special aroma, this is the unique identification symbol of Guangdong Wonton noodles.Most of the new stores are not used, or do not know how to practice lard, or for health reasons…According to the measurement standard, I publish my own food, guangzhou noodle shop recommended for your reference.Ranking is not in order, only grading, unified grade level is close to, but the characteristics may be different: the first level, the highest level of local, noodles yuntun, soup, stability must be OK: Zhuyuan zhusheng noodles, zhulin zhusheng noodles, mai 奀 record, li noodles home;The second tier, the highest level in the area, and the first tier than, or lack of a, or less stability: the strong line of noodles, self-made bamboo rising noodles, Margin bao line of noodles, Baohua noodle shop, Rongyi ji traditional bamboo rising noodles, jian remember noodle shop, xing Xingwang, the first side;Third, good daily level level, must be delicious and inexpensive: Wu Cai, and the flank beef shop (no brand), poetic home, never forget stalls, Li Shi home, happy valley food, remember cloud dumplings, mother-in-law face, to the west of hui yuan home, pure xing, milk food, even a new noodle shop, paradise noodle shop, FengJian noodle shop, artful beautiful home…The fourth tier, which ranks high on The platform but is not worth trying: One J noodle Restaurant, One EURO C, one F…I’m not going to write the fifth grade.There are three possibilities for those who are at the top of Dianping but not on my list: 1. The taste is ok, but it is everyday, but the price is expensive;2. The taste is really general, but the popularity is also general;3, well-known, but I have not tried;Finally, recommend the characteristics of the must-try category, the main product is a non-Yuntun network popular products, the public recognized: Jian Ji (noodles), made bamboo rising noodles (fried sauce noodles), tongfu Road no sign noodle shop (beef flank noodles), Ying Feng food shop (beef flank pork hand noodles), Wu Caiji (jin Lu Yuntun)…Guang-style wanton noodles surrounding 1, it is best to have Guang-style service: the so-called Guang-style service, the boss is mostly bad attitude, poor service, always scold guests and so on.In Cantonese, it means “smelly halitosis noodles”, as if he had been offended.But there’s always a line, and these spots, they must be a taste thing.Just like Han Hong, when you see her figure, you know she is good to sing.The classic is the nameless beef brisket noodles in Tongfu Road;2, must be shabby stores: I have almost never seen luxurious noodle shops with authentic, delicious Wonton noodles (except for a few brands from Hong Kong), feeling that the owners who are good at marketing are not good at maintaining traditional skills?3, Wonton noodles must be chives, onion, you can leave immediately.It’s not about how good it is, how it tastes, it’s about tradition.A must.4. It is better to have a wide noodle.Most shops now offer thin noodles, while only the real old shops offer thick noodles.To be honest, coarse noodles don’t taste as good as fine ones.But there are thick noodles, representing tradition and inheritance.The epilogue is subjective. What I like may not be what you like.Another truth of the uncertainty principle is that it is hard to assess the stability of a shop, and perhaps it has been just right the few times I have been there.And my stability, it might be hard to assess…So, I just provide a reference direction, after all, I eat so much, you can follow to try.All right, that’s it.Please note that there is no advertising fee for this article and it is my personal opinion.Of course, want to advertise also welcome to contact me, ha ha ha ha ~~