Dabie mountain area one “founding general village” become beautiful village, lakeshore new scene is really enviable

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Shihegang Town, Shihe District, Xinyang City, Henan Province, has become more and more beautiful.The village is located in the upper reaches of nanwan Reservoir, lake scenery, beautiful scenery, after the beautiful countryside to build, become a bright scenery line in dabieshan.Out of the village a founding major-general named Ye Taiqing.He participate in the red army in April 1935, successive northeast of the communist party of China (hubei road traffic monitor, red army 18 northeast of hubei independent regiment pistol team monitor, the new fourth army pistol even political instructor, the battalion commander, group chief, deputy chief of mission, central China field army, director of the second column four brigade ten east China field army in the second column four brigade chief of staff, the third field army 21st army division deputy 60 teachers,The 63rd Division commander.He took part in three years of guerrilla warfare in the Border areas of Hubei, Henan and Anhui, and took part in the campaigns against “Moping up”, anti-stubborn struggle and Menglianggu, Jinan, Huaihai and Crossing the River.After the founding of new China, he served as the deputy chief of staff of the 21st Army of the People’s Liberation Army, the chief of staff of the 25th Army, the Chief of staff of the fourth Army of the Air Force, the Deputy Chief of staff of the Sino-Korean Air Force Joint Command, the first deputy chief and chief of staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Defense Force, the deputy chief of the fifth Army of the Air Force, and the air Force adviser of the Nanjing Military Region.Ye Mingchu, a villager, is the great-nephew of General Ye and lives in a beautiful house.Both his and the old general’s houses were in a distant cove, now a reservoir area.Now Majiacouacouban village is so beautiful!In a branch of nanwan Reservoir, many foreign small buildings are hidden by frost leaves.The villagers not only built more and more exquisite houses, but also paid attention to the landscaping of the courtyard.The uncle lived in a spacious and bright house, and his wife was rolling noodles.There are more than 8,000 mu of tea plantations in the village, and many of the villagers have made their fortunes by selling tea.With fresh air and a beautiful environment, the 89-year-old woman surnamed Wu is in good health.The income of villagers is increasing year by year, and many elderly people have electric scooters to travel.Young people grow tea and trade at home and dress fashionably.The sister-in-law built a farmhouse near the reservoir and hung red lanterns on the trees.After winter, many villagers begin to dry preserved meat in the sun.Pig’s head, pig’s feet bask in a tree, people in the mountains smile on their faces.”Founding general village” into a beautiful village, so that people sit up and take notice.Beautiful countryside drives the development of “beautiful economy”, Transplanting becomes a cyber hit spot for rural tourism.(Photo/text by Wang Tianding)