CCTV drama channel shake off Xiao Zhanxin sidelining, CCTV released the night tiger even blessing video

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Happy New Year’s Eve!As we prepare for the Year of the Tiger, I’m glad to see so much good news and New Year wishes about actors Xiao Zhan and Gu Yye in just one day. I’d like to share them with you here.CCTV drama channel CCTV8 released a series of behind-the-scenes interviews on Sunday, including scenes of xiao Zhan, who is known to all as a cute and mischievous young man with his beeping lips, trembling and smiling.The relationship between Xiao Zhan and CCTV8 is memorable — the star recommendation program promoting “The Most Beautiful Contra” was Xiao Zhan’s first TV appearance after the digital incident, and the first appearance with a buzz cut.This is gu Yanye for CAI Ding propaganda, want to be really filled with emotion.From CAI Ding in “The Most Beautiful Rebel” to Tang SAN in “Douro Continent”, it is believed that actor Xiao Zhan will have more outstanding roles appearing on CCTV8 screen.CCTV’s national Defense and Military channel on Wednesday released a new Spring Festival greeting from troops with “tiger” in their names, including the “night Tiger Company”.The original reality really has “night tiger company”!Read “Ace troops” the audience must be impressed by the night tiger even, that carrying gu Yanye dream set sail excellent company.Regardless of whether the two “night tiger even” related, do not hinder us to all the Spring Festival still stand their ground, defend the peace of the motherland people’s army salute!Power games, the Chinese news and Beijing officer XuanXiao 31 new identity, sponsored by the information office of Beijing municipal government, China news network to undertake the “meet the games, Beijing – I fell in love with Beijing 100 reasons to” short video contest started, Beijing and China news network has officer XuanXiao war propaganda push official new identity and video,100 reasons to love Beijing.After the news was released, the vast number of netizens immediately received a warm response, people have shared their reasons for falling in love with Beijing, sharing wonderful stories about Beijing, full of positive energy, to help the Winter Olympics.On the morning of 31st, Xiao Zhan’s studio released a video of xiao Zhan using fruit homonym to send New Year’s greetings: wish orange, Apple Ann Joy, Persimmon ruyi, prosperous life, berry eyes laugh, banana money jinbao, date rich!On The afternoon of March 31, Xiao Zhan’s studio released a photo of him wishing the New Year a happy New Year. The photo was accompanied by the following caption: Paste Spring Festival couplets, hang lanterns and decorate lanterns to welcome the New Year.Family reunion, people ankang, firecrackers sound old year.I wish you all an interesting and exciting New Year!(The picture is from the Internet, see logo)