After 20 years without qualification, China’s problems are not limited to its feet

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This article is not intended to be provocative, nor is there any so-called “whitewashing”.On New Year’s Day, the men’s football team lost!There are two main types of complaints on the Internet: those who know how to play the game are angry at the 3-1 loss to Vietnam, and some even use the word “mother”.One is the people who do not understand the ball to the men’s football team “war” Vietnam defeat as a “terrier”, ridiculed!Men’s football has a long history in society, not starting with the recent loss to Vietnam, roughly more than 30 years.We do not know whether the fans secretly mock the men’s football team.But perhaps the funniest media mockery of men’s soccer began in 1991.In that year’s Spring Festival Gala, crosstalk performer Niu Niu Feng Gong performed a skit titled “The Best of the Asian Games.” One of the skits went like this: “What smells the most?Asian Games village food is the most delicious.What stinks the most?The foot of the Chinese men’s football team is the stinkiest.What words hurt the most?Some of the most hurtful words were: The Chinese football team’s feet stink, so I’d better go home and sell potatoes.Then in 1997, niu Feng Gong’s sketch the World of Two also made fun of the men’s football team, saying: “Do you know why the men’s football team can not even rush out of Asia these years?Because there are 11 fewer women on the pitch.It is 1998 again, Cattle Feng Gong “sit and enjoy” sketch in, 2 people talk and laugh to male foot once again: hey!At this speed, I’m really getting a little bit of a rush.That’s right. If the Chinese football team had your speed, they would have qualified early.Since 1991, the men’s football team has become the “burden” of crosstalk sketches by many quyi stars. Although it has not performed well on the court, it has become a handy “material” for big names in the quyi circle.Jiang Kun and Tang Jiezhong’s “Anxious”, Huang Hong and Song Dandan’s “home”, Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan’s “Torch bearer”…In 2002, after the men’s football team qualified, Feng Gong and Guo Donglin’s “On stage and off Stage” was full of words of encouragement and praise for the men’s football team, saying: the bamboo board is so dozen, other za don’t boast, boast a boast, Chinese football finally qualified.Chinese football team ah, that is hundreds of millions of people care, several generations of hair hair.The older generation of artists are quite interesting. They just watch the ball and talk about the ball.When you don’t play well, criticize and tease.When you play well, cheer yourself up.To be honest, the older generation of fans, like the older generation of artists, knew the difference between watching and talking.As a football fan, I have the basic rationality of sports competition and a clear understanding of football.With the development of the Internet, the speed of information transmission presents a blowout development, as well as the influx of various fans, men’s football has gradually reduced to the point of “breaking drums and beating thousands of people”.In society, football fans have also changed from “watching and talking about football” to “spitting black ball”.The author, as a layman of football, has never watched a complete football match since childhood.Deeply feel: modern people watching the ball is not a sports problem, but a social problem.I wonder if we can get out of “the game” and look at men’s football and the game itself in a quiet way, apart from the name-calling, the yelling, the tantrums.Because the men’s football team lost to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the matter continues to ferment on the network, causing netizens all over the world to discuss.Some people analyze the problem, some people point out the solution, some people even discuss the province, simply open spray.I have generally looked at some netizens’ opinions, and I can’t rule out that there are some more pertinent views, but a large number of netizens view the matter more from the perspective of conspiracy theory.In fact, some netizens worry too much.Football in China has a long history of development, and there are no problems in the operational process and structural design.But why is it so hard to break through the “qualifying” curse?The author wants to talk about this problem from other Angle.To be fair, when I opened the Internet recently, as long as I saw the information of men’s football team and looked at the abuse in the comment section, I felt distressed across the screen.The men’s soccer team was really scolded too miserably by net friends.No matter the netizens hold the original intention of “hate iron does not become steel”, or with the mentality of “watching the fun is not too big”.I lost the ball, I swore.In retrospect, should we ask ourselves, does abuse really work?I think of an analogy in life.For example, facing a student whose grades are not very good.Whether the use of verbal abuse by parents and teachers can really help improve student achievement.Tell me a little bit about yourself.I was not particularly ideal mathematics since childhood, lucky time can pass, most of the circumstances pass is my ceiling.In those days, teachers and parents were not as patient as they are today.When it comes to exams, the inner fear of math and anxiety about grades is really uncomfortable.Personally, I believe men’s football wants to win more than the fans do.As normal adults, people are supposed to save face.Even if there is no pay and no fans, there must be a desire to win in a big international game, broadcast live around the world.But in the long-term accumulation of “not favored” voice, will indeed increase the competition pressure of many players.It is true that the results of men’s football team in international competitions are not satisfactory, but the level of men’s football team is not as “dishes” as imagined.According to the Tao Te Ching, what exists and what is not is mutually reinforcing.The strength of the men’s football team is weak, that is compared to the strong.Add to that the uncertainty of the sport itself.In any sport, there is often a “new in, old out” adjustment.Retire a group of people, enrich a group of people.The ones that do make it, at least in a billion-plus population, are the best in their field, we’re not saying 100 percent, but they represent a very, very high probability.If someone wants to raise bar, the author also don’t want to meet bar, because there is no meaning, unless the actual arrangement of a discussion.Don’t say, “I’d play better than them,” or “Give me half the money to play.”For the most part, the phrase “you can do you up” is not entirely applicable.If you don’t believe me, try kicking some of your local friends.The saying that most people don’t really understand football makes sense, because watching a game and playing it are two different things.Most of them are sitting in front of the TV, drinking beer, eating peanuts and crossing their legs.Living in, forced by the needs of life and work, really to the football field to kick two feet, touch two hands of the opportunity is very small.Football is one of the most complicated sports in the world.Eleven people kick, and ten other people besides the goalkeeper are not allowed to touch with their hands.Such a complex competitive game is not as simple as it looks on the screen.Fans watch the game from a “god’s perspective”, with the entire football field watched on a screen, while players deal with a wide field of possible situations.It is not won by one or two “talented” players on the team.Many people compare badminton, table tennis and even basketball.In fact, football is much more difficult than other sports.Every inch has its advantages.Basketball is bound to see the United States, football is to see Europe, table tennis, badminton…We’re the boss.It’s not about money. If you talk about money, the United States must have more money than any other country in Europe.If you are not satisfied with the match of men’s football team, you can talk about the matter as it is, the criticism of the criticism, the suggestion of the suggestion, but the direct “scold” is not the normal state of mind to watch sports.Talk about a little life feeling I think, “scold” is not always a positive energy performance.Come to think of it, it is not a lack of demographic basis for selection, nor a lack of ability to develop, but a lack of an environment to play football.Close your eyes to recall, how many basketball courts around us, how many table tennis courts, how many badminton courts, and how many covers an area of 10.70995 acres of football fields.More practically, how many parents would let their children “waste time” playing football?The mentality of parents is that if they have time to play football, it is better to brush two sets of exams, get into a good university and find a stable job in the future.Finally, the best way to watch sports competition is to watch it calmly. Whoever plays well deserves recognition.There is no need to make yourself unhappy during the Spring Festival.After the sixth day of the first lunar month, everyone is still back to the nine-to-five, living the life of what to do.The holiday has been half, and the line and cherish.