If you want your business to grow, don’t just focus on sales

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A company, as a business entity, must rely on profits to sustain its growth, and to grow, every employee in the company needs to contribute their own strength and talent.But who contributes more to performance, sales or sales managers?I’m going to join you today.Ability VS Management Ability A sales team can achieve performance, can not do without the joint efforts of sales managers and sales staff.However, if you had to choose between “sales or managers” who contribute more to performance, what would your answer be?Let me tell you A case for you to experience: when I was working at Yonyou, there were about 60 branches, among which Beijing branch was the largest, and the payment returned accounted for 10% of the whole company. Therefore, manager A, then the boss, was also A very important person.He has two nicknames in yonyou, one is called “Yonyou first smart”, super ability.I remember when he led us in the early years, the annual task was about 50 million, but he only finished 20 million at the beginning of November, only a little more than 50%.After scolding us, he went to do his own business and took back more than 20 million yuan in two months.In this way, we finished the year.Everyone was full of adoration for him.Another nickname is “Yonyou Big Prince”, is the boss’s successor.As general manager of Beijing branch of Yonyou, he was transferred to the group soon. As a result, he often cursed our products, so the boss let him manage the products.At this time, from Nanjing transferred a general manager B, is a very listless son also do not love to talk, also not with us to play single.But doubled our business in the first year, going directly from $50 million to $100 million.This was a big deal at the time, because everyone in the company knew that the Beijing crop, even the best farmers to grow only 50 million crops.Unexpectedly, the next year, it doubled to 200 million.Therefore, WHEN I was on a business trip with President B, I talked with him and asked him, “Why can you do 200 million yuan after you come, even though the general manager has such strong capacity of 50 million yuan before?”He replied, “When the company is small, the boss’s ability is the company’s ability;As the company grows, the boss’s ability to manage becomes the company’s ability to manage.”And he said, “Remember, Trav, as a manager, you have to be the innermost Russian doll, never the outermost.If you are in the bottom, your ability to improve a little bit, the ability of the whole company will expand;If you’re the outermost, you’re limiting the company.”I am still impressed by these two sentences. They are so reasonable that you can reflect on them carefully.3S theory -3M Theory In foreign countries there is a theory called 3S theory, that is, selection, skills, strategy.It means that to complete the performance, first of all, we need to recruit a group of good sales, which is called selection;Then, you should teach him sales skills, such as how to visit customers, how to communicate and negotiate with customers;Finally, test his sales strategy, and he will get his results back.This is the old theory, and now the theory of sales management has become the 3M theory: First, you have to have a mature methodology;Second, the method should be measurable, that is, it should have targets and targets;Third, you manage the behavior to ensure that the behavior you want occurs.Now there is a saying abroad, is to try to give training resources to sales managers, rather than sales staff.Because of a good sales manager, even if the team is gone, he can quickly bring out another team.Therefore, there is no good sales manager, only rely on sales to fight, is a very dangerous behavior.Last month, I was consulting for a company and found that their sales force had been controlled by some of their salespeople. Neither the sales director nor the boss could really control the sales force, and even 30% of the tasks assigned could not be completed.Of course, this task does not refer to performance indicators, but to specific work.For example, if you ask people to hand in a report, only 30% of them will.This means that your sales team no longer belongs to you, and if you don’t touch the old people who control your sales team, your sales performance will be worse once they leave.Therefore, training good sales managers is also the key to continuously achieve performance targets.And that’s it.