Concino: Vaccines are approved for sequential booster vaccinations, and increased procurement has a positive impact on performance

2022-05-20 0 By

On February 20, Concino Biological Corporation (688185, Concino) announced that its recombinant Novel Coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus 5 vector) (trade name: Kveza ®) has received conditional marketing approval in China and emergency authorization for use in many foreign countries.After the product is approved for sequential enhanced immunization, if relevant departments in the following countries purchase more of it, it will have a certain positive impact on the performance of listed companies.Under the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the NHC held a press conference on February 19 to announce that, with the approval of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the NHC has started to deploy sequential and enhanced immunization against COVID-19 vaccines, according to the statement.Previously, target people over 18 years old who had received inactivated vaccines from Sinopac Beijing co., LTD., Sinopac Wuhan Co., LTD., or adenovirus vector vaccines from Concino Biological Co., Ltd. for six months could receive a single dose of secondary homologous enhanced immunization, that is, the original vaccine.After the implementation of the sequential enhanced immunization strategy, the target population that has completed the whole vaccination of the three inactivated vaccines mentioned above can also choose the recombinant protein vaccine of Zhiphirongoma or the adenovirus vector vaccine of Concino for sequential enhanced immunization.For the target population, either homologous booster immunization or sequential booster immunization can be selected.Both homologous booster and sequential booster should be implemented in people over 18 years of age who have completed the full course of vaccination for at least 6 months.On January 27, Zhu fengcai’s team, in collaboration with Chen Wei’s team from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, published a randomized controlled clinical study of sequential immunization with COVID-19 vaccine in Nature Medicine.This study showed that the level of immune response induced by two doses of Inactivated KEXin vaccine + concino adenovirus vector vaccine was higher than that induced by homologous enhancement of inactivated vaccine, and the safety was good.By the end of February 18, Consino A shares closed at 262.3 yuan, up 3.56%.