The turning point of the epidemic is expected to appear around the Awakening of Insects!Gu Zhishan analyzes the current COVID-19 epidemic from the perspective of five transport and six gas

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Sources: China press of traditional Chinese medicine: ptar at present, in view of the domestic COVID – 19 outbreak multipoint distribution situation is still present, sand dragon medical school representative inheritance Gu Zhi mountain from five six gas perspective, past outbreaks, analysis the current situation, luck this year nonyl Yin Chen kai-ge outbreak beginning fierce end ji qi, is expected to appear in the wave of a turning point in China is expected to insects around it.In view of the epidemic of Xin Chou year in 2021, Gu Zhishan believes that theoretically, the main gas of xin Chou year two is less Yin fire, and the two fires are added to each other, which is the luck condition that is easy to produce the epidemic. According to the scripture, “The disease is mild and severe, and salty near and far.”But the weather situation that appeared later is: one of the gas presented obvious dry elephant, although the temperature of each place is on the high side than all the year round, but many plants lack the exuberant vitality of spring as usual, bamboo leaves are yellow, which shows one of the gas polite jue Yin wind wood “fall but not down”.March Awakening of Insects that two days in many parts of the country blew a lot of wind, people say, “Awakening of Insects blow strong wind, winter again,” after spring cold, three, April temperature is significantly lower.The condition of “two fires superimposed on each other” no longer exists, so the “gentle and severe actions” described in the scriptures did not appear.In early May, however, there was a sudden rise in temperature, which meant that the fire of Shaoyin was postponed to the qi of Sanzhi.Three qi too damp soil backward-shift YuFa led to henan zhengzhou torrential rains and shanxi rare flood, October 4 qi Yang phase back to the fire cause less dog days don’t heat and high temperature appeared in more than the limit of heat later in September, five qi Yang Ming dry gas is the Spring Festival, the original pattern of the second half of 2021, good luck is disturbed, around the outbreak will continuously.During the two periods, many flowers in spring bloom out of season, and spring blooms in autumn and winter blooms are lost, causing large-scale recurrent epidemics in Xi ‘an and Henan provinces at the end of the year.”Yellow Emperor Neijing” said, “Winter does not store essence, spring must be warm disease”, the abnormal luck in autumn and winter also affected the epidemic at the beginning of this year, the abnormal atmosphere is the cause of the epidemic.This year, the age of Ren Yin, transported wood too, little Yang phase fire division day, Jue Yin wind wood in the spring.From the deduced position, in the spring of qi and sui Yun de assimilation, Mu De zhou xing, Yang Shu Yin bu, five hua Xuanping, its climate and the total annual fortune is better.Only at the beginning of the gas polite is less Yin jun fire, said, “Hou is big temperature, vegetation early glory, cold to not kill, temperature disease is up.”In addition to the last winter does not hide the effects of the essence, so the beginning of the gas is still multiple epidemics.Gu Zhi mountain dynamically observed the change of luck, think it is dry like has been slow, before and after clinical see fire like more apparent, phenology in spring like a spring day has appeared, explain nonyl Yin qi Yang less days in department of gas phase at the beginning of the fire and the less polite fire Yin jun has been in place, does not appear less Yin jun fire and the rise and fall of yangming’s dry gold disorders, so the judgment of the gas of the early outbreak beginning fierce end,With the active participation of Traditional Chinese medicine, it is expected that the inflection point of this wave of epidemic in China is expected to appear around the awakening of Insects.Gu Zhishan compares the “Yellow Emperor Neijing” in the Year of The Year of Ren Yin with “Its hua is salty and cold in the upper part, sour and harmonious in the middle part and cool in the lower part”.A discharge of the “appropriate to treat shaoyin guest, with salty filling, in gansu and writing, with acid to receive” thoughts of drugs, such as, formulate nonyl Yin in internal and prevent side is as follows: poria cocos, 6 g atractylodes 6 grams, 6 grams, green husk jujube kernel (whole) 6 grams (Fried) first, xuan and 9 g, semen plantaginis, liquorice 6 grams, 6 grams gun 3 grams of ginger, ginger 3 grams.Decocted in water, 1 dose per day, divided into 2 times, can be taken continuously for 1-2 weeks.Fang Yi was based on the old Yun Fang Ling shu decoction (pinellia ternata, Magnolia officinalis, grass fruit, dryness, should not be used for prevention, jujube is a hindrance to fire, so it is not used), together with the raw jujube kernel and plantain seeds that can clear the day and little Yang, and the root of the root can be used to treat the “shaoyin” and the new corona-fu dry evil.In terms of treatment, ordinary patients and asymptomatic infected persons can use the above-mentioned preventive prescription.For patients with obvious fever and other symptoms, bupleurum decoction for treating shaoyang disease in Treatise on Febrile diseases and Shengming decoction in Sanyinsi Tianfang have more application opportunities.In the near future, due to the influence of xinchou year Yangming dryness gold and sun cold water is still in, the anti-cold and dryness can be used zhu Humeral “living book” luxuriant soup of winter temperature.蕗. 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