Shanghai gain inside brother, sui Ran revealed the new situation, Tao Hanlin must be selected

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Hello, everyone, I am the north lime, you should form the habit of praising before reading!Shanghai is the biggest team in the CBA league now, according to previous reports on arena equipment as well as the reinforcements, an offseason last year through the Shanghai team’s investment has exceeded one hundred million yuan, the investment in the CBA teams is astronomical, one hundred million yuan is enough small club survival time of several season,Have to say that Shanghai team as long as constantly reinforcing squad, after they always have a chance to get a championship, teams of players, after all, they may dig does not walk, but weaker teams of players are hard to withstand the temptation of Shanghai big contract zhelin wang is a good proof, the key point is the sharks now also attaches great importance to youth,The route they took was completely different from the route taken by the northern Control team.BeiKong team of recent seasons investment is not small, they successively introduced ri, sun yue, YuChangDong, Zou Yuchen etc famous players, but BeiKong team did not pay attention to their own youth league building, so more than one season in the past, BeiKong team of young players in a three liao ning, and judging from his form this season, three liao ning can be young talent is good,Not at all able to crush players of the same age, in this respect the Shanghai team is much better than the North Control team.Has a well-known media said recently, Shanghai team made a pair of brothers in inside wu kai and wu xiang, two are twins, height, 10 up to 2 m, in wu kai and in wu xiang, born in guangdong, but in their teens and their parents to life in Taiwan, the Taiwan high school, in wu kai and in wu xiang is modest,After all, players over there tend to be shorter, so the sudden appearance of two players who are taller than 2.10 meters will definitely attract a lot of attention.Not too acquisitive and kay to wu xiang did not intend to play for the Chinese Taipei gemblemymnastics team, they have decided to enter the CBA youth team effectiveness, at the same time, Shanghai team to offer an olive branch, two people there are very few young players can refuse the sharks are big contract, such as before Li Hongquan originally is going to look after considering what the right way,But The Shanghai team directly to Li Hongquan opened a big seven-figure signing fee, such sincerity fundamentally let Li Hongquan could not refuse.The same goes for Yu Hongkai and Yu Hongxiang, who eventually made it to the Shanghai Team. Both are now 18 years old. According to the CBA rules, they can play for the Shanghai First team, but it is expected that the Shanghai team will let them train in the youth team to improve their physical ability.When Yu Hongkai and Yu Hongxiang are about 20 years old, we will let them play in the first team slowly. At present, Shanghai team has a relatively saturated line-up of interior players. Maybe after a few seasons, when Ren Junwei and Zong Zan are facing retirement, the young players will have more opportunities.In wu kai, in wu xiang Taiwan high school the second message from famous domestic brokers have no opinion of jean valjean, recently released in his personal social media Ding Yanyu navigation training situation, you can see from the video, now has air Ding Yanyu body of basic rehabilitation, he is making a handful of basic strength training, have asked fans have no opinion of jean valjean, Ding Yanyu navigation when can return?Have no opinion of jean valjean revealed the new situation, as agent of Ding Yanyu navigation, have no opinion of jean valjean is certainly one of the most understand his physical condition, according to have no opinion of jean valjean, as long as the third phase of the regular season began, the Ding Yanyu navigation could play, the fans worry about injury does not exist, to listen to him say that everyone is relieved.Ding Yanyu navigation performance this season like his fans are very exciting, he still played very elegant that foreign aid four word, just after the big injury, Ding Yanyu shipping dynamic ability really are as good as they used to, but everyone is still very trust to him, as long as you keep training and playing, Ding Yanyu navigation status will be gradually restored.Unfortunately, Ding Yanyuhang could not participate in the second regular season due to his injury, which was a precious period of recovery for him. However, Ding Yanyuhang was out due to his injury. Fortunately, there were still regular season and playoff games in the third phase, and Ding Yanyuhang still had a lot of time.Ding Yanyuhang is 29 years old this year. Generally speaking, players around 30 years old should usher in the peak stage of their career. They are far better than young players both in terms of skills and game experience.Article 3 of the shandong team striker Ding Yanyu navigation message from post player TaoHanLin shandong team, this season’s all-star contest poll has been officially open, as things seem, north all-star center must have TaoHanLin one position, his performance this season can be described with invincible, TaoHanLin worth an all-star contest.Tao hanlin deserves to be in the All-Star game both in terms of his stats and his contribution to the team. Maybe he won’t get a starting spot, but the bench is a recognition of Tao Hanlin. There are not too many star post players in the North Region, and the only one tao hanlin could lose to is Han Dejun.Although it was natural for Liaoning fans to pick Han as the no. 5 player, tao was statistically better than Han, and he gave his best in every game. Tao couldn’t find any flaws.In 27 games for Shandong this season, Tao averaged 20.1 points, 12.3 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 1.4 steals and 1.2 blocks in 37 minutes per game, ranking fifth in the league in points per game and first in rebounds per game.Such data has been very impressive, throughout north post player, in addition to foreign aid, local data and in the lane TaoHanLin can indeed, this season TaoHan forests to be one of the league’s top three players, 5 of the shandong team insider depends on him to hold up, TaoHanLin all-star not only can’t be sure.Shandong team post player TaoHanLin for TaoHanLin can into the all-star contest, of course, it’s not too important, he is more care or shandong team scores, TaoHanLin is shandong team’s new captain now, his goal is to lead the team to achieve better regular season ranking, TaoHanLin is such a dedicated players play.According to the current situation of Shandong, they have basically locked up a playoff spot, but they definitely need to participate in the playoffs, as long as Tao Hanlin is good enough in the playoffs, Shandong has every chance to reach the quarterfinals, fans can expect their performance this season.I am Beining, a female fan, follow me and get more CBA information!