Real “play pig eat tiger”, with 4.0T V8 power, break 100 in 4 seconds, take you to see audi S8

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I remember someone said that you can’t have your cake and eat it, so in the car market, comfort and sport are two parallel lines that never intersect.Compromise if you have to have it both ways, for example by giving up on extreme motion or comfort, but technology is advancing so fast that a button can change height, a signal can change suspension damping, or even a program can double engine power.The premise is that you have enough budget, and today we are going to talk about a perfect executive performance of a large car.Its name is Audi S8L. I believe readers familiar with the Audi brand product camp will understand what positioning this car is, which can be understood as a high-performance version of A8L.Because the A8L models sold in China, even the most top-matched version, is only equipped with 4.0T low-power V8 engine, although the performance is not bad, but for the extreme two words are almost.Therefore, the new Audi S8L equipped with 4.0T V8 high-power power will satisfy you. There is little difference between the 2021 and 2022 models, and there will be no substantial change in the annual changes. Therefore, the 2021 S8L 4.0TF SI Quattro version will be used to chat with you.Looking at the exterior design, the Audi S8L doesn’t have a black body, so it’s a little less businesslike but a little more vibrant.But as for the details, and audi A8L difference is not big, chrome plating of the first article spider than audi A8L coarse, moreover is the grid to the left of the S8 logo name identity, but really want to open it out of the door, estimated that 9 of 10 people all think is late to add their own, so we still feel surrounded suite should adopt more movement.Of course, Audi may consider that audi S8L is still positioned as a large car, the executive status can not be ignored, so it is not too aggressive.Both sides of the large lamp group is also familiar with audi A8L design style, considerable size and neat shape with internal laser matrix light source, after lighting, the visual effect is naturally excellent, the flagship product of the lamp factory, you still worry that it is not amazing enough?And the configuration is quite complete, such as adaptive near and far light, turn headlamp, rain fog mode, headlamp cleaning and other functions have appeared.In terms of size, Audi S8L and Audi A8L are basically the same in terms of data. The length, width and height of 5309*1945*1486mm and the wheelbase of 3128mm are in line with the positioning of large cars and make the body slim and harmonious.The application of chrome decoration also creates a sense of solemnness. If you want to distinguish it from Audi A8L, you can use the rearview mirror. The silver shell is exclusive to audi sports department, which is called “silver ear” by fans.Then there is the complex 21-inch wheel rims with the red 6-piston front brake calipers inside for the same sporty feel.As for the tail, in addition to the tail tag and exhaust and Audi A8L is really no difference, or is it the best proof of “playing the pig to eat the tiger”?The duckling tail of the trunk cover is the same as that of audi A8L. The internal structure of the taillight group is also the same. The OLED light source is naturally amazing when applied.After encircle bilateral however four exhaust is real window, compare audi A8L can make public much.After sitting in the car, the solemn and elegant style is still expected, the change lies in the details of material application, such as the center console many decorative panels changed to carbon fiber material, compared with the Audi A8L used wood decorative panels more natural movement.But a steering wheel is not too much of a design, is it?Audi A8L with four type multi-functional steering wheel true partial business, including the shift dial is very “ok”, so not S8 logo, let you sit in the car really can not lift the idea of floor oil start.The LCD dashboard and the center control screen are the same layout and configuration standard as Audi A8L, except that the red start button shows some sporty style, and the Alcantara roof is also the exclusive configuration of S8L.Back to the specs and seats, there are just about every feature you can think of. L2 driver assistance is a bit of a no-no, and night vision is a bit of a blip.And the whole car electric suction door, electric induction car, steering wheel heating and memory, HUD display system, active noise reduction and multi-angle adjustment of electric adjustment of the front and rear seats, and then with a comprehensive comfort configuration application, as well as 23 horn Bang&Olufsen brand sound, ride can feel bad?On the other hand, the sports seats in the new car look comfortable and have plenty of room.Finally, it is power. Although audi A8L also provides 4.0T engine at present, it is a pity that the 4.0T power of Audi S8L is not enough. The maximum power of 420kW and the maximum torque of 800N·m are much higher than the 4.0T of Audi A8L in terms of parameters.Combined with the 8AT gearbox and the all-time four-wheel drive system with the rear axle limited slip differential, the official 100km acceleration of 4 seconds, even in the overseas speed limit highway, you can not experience the phenomenon of power output weakening.As for chassis configurations, all-wheel steering, variable air suspension and steering ratio, comfort and athleticism allow you to switch at the flick of your finger.Bottom line: If there’s ever a car that can be called a dream, it’s the Audi S8L, especially when you see it.Maybe you don’t know its identity, because the design and audi A8L are not very different and not too much feeling, but when you find different details everywhere, the adrenaline immediately started to surge.It is no exaggeration to say that when you drive an Audi S8L and are recognized by the discerning people, you are far more dignified than owning a sports car.