Many London landmarks are lit up with “Chinese red” to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and the British Crown Prince and his wife visit Chinatown to pay New Year’s greetings

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On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, the heir to the British royal family at 73, visited the Chinese community in London’s Chinatown to pay New Year’s greetings and take part in a series of activities to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.At the event, the Prince of Wales and his wife wore a Chinese red scarf, a symbol of good luck and joy.The Prince and Duchess of Wales shook hands with hundreds of Chinese living in the UK during the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown.During the event, Dr Dansheng, a famous British overseas Chinese leader, showed the prince and his wife how to write Spring Festival couplets, while Dr Zhu Liangwei explained the traditional Chinese culture such as Spring Festival couplets to the prince and his wife and taught them how to write “fu”.The couple also watched a lion dance, peered at fu Hu and visited Wen Xing Restaurant to wish Chinese businesses a prosperous business.As well as celebrating Chinese New Year, the duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit is aimed at encouraging Britain’s Chinese community to support businesses affected by the coronavirus lockdown.”My wife and I wish everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year in China, and around the world, a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.The tiger symbolizes bravery, challenge and adventure.As we usher in the Year of the Tiger, I hope the world will come together to adjust the way we live and work, in harmony with nature and the planet, to create a better future for our children.To celebrate the Spring Festival of the Year of the Yin Tiger, many places in London held colorful celebrations, with many landmarks lit up in “Chinese red” and Chinese lion dances.Trafalgar Square celebrates the Spring Festival of the Year of Yin and tiger 2022 at Trafalgar Square in London, Britain, On Jan. 31.Nelson’s column, a landmark building, was lit up in “Chinese red,” while screens on both sides broadcast programs celebrating the Chinese Year.London Eye: The London Eye, one of The city’s landmarks, was decked out in red and gold to represent China during the Year of the Tiger festival. A traditional Chinese dragon and lion dance was also staged in London.Photo source: Xinhua News Agency;British political leaders also sent their best wishes for the Chinese New Year.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: The Year of the TigerA very happy Lunar New Year to everybody who is celebrating taday and welcome to the Year of Tiger and welcome to the Year of Tiger.To everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year: Happy New Year!Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!I'm told taht tigers are traditionally passionate, confident and able to handle anything that life throws at them which will certainly have been helpful over the past couple of years.I was told that tigers are traditionally warm, confident and able to overcome any difficulties in life.This spirit has been especially important in the past few years.The Year of Tiger is a year in whitch I'm sure our brilliant Chinese community will continue to burn bright in the British firmament helping to make our country the fantastic place that it is.In the Year of the Tiger, I am confident that our outstanding Chinese community will continue to shine and help make our country an amazing place.And whether you're a part of that community or one of the hundred of miilions of others celebrating in the UK or in countries right Across Asia, I wish you all a very happy and prosperouse New Year!Whether you are a member of this community, or one of the millions of people celebrating Chinese New Year in the UK or across Asia, I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!(SOUNDBITE) (English) London MAYOR SADIQ KHAN SAYING: “I wish everyone celebrating the Chinese New Year in our country and elsewhere a very happy Year of the Tiger.”