Low temperature wet cold, how to avoid pipe freeze crack?Look here

2022-05-19 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming, and the weather is not great.The possible arrival of low temperature rain, snow and ice, to test the ability to protect water supply facilities.Early in the morning on January 28, nanchang water industry staff went to the local Jiangdian community, the easy to freeze area of the meter box, water meters and water supply pipes for anti-freezing treatment.Wan Cong, assistant director of the South Water Supply Service Center of Jiangxi Hongcheng Environment Co., LTD. : The water supply facilities on the windward and frozen-prone surface are protected. First, the water meter is wrapped with cotton and linen fabric to have a thermal insulation effect.Secondly, waterproof materials such as shoe covers are used to wrap the water meter twice for waterproof treatment.Cold wave “came” for the New Year, if the public housing vacant, should pay attention to remember these moves.Wan Cong, assistant director of chengnan Water Supply Service Center, Jiangxi Hongcheng Environment Co., LTD. : Please open the tap at night and drip it in a line to keep the tap water flowing.In order to save water, please put it in containers. In empty rooms, please close the water meter valve and empty the tap water in the pipe to prevent the pipe from freezing and cracking.