High stem: “a string a gu fu time” this high stem article more see more addiction, 9.5 cent strong push!

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!Words do not say, opening ~ today xiaobian to recommend: gao Gan: “a string a gu Fu time” this gao Gan article more see more addictive, 9.5 points strong push!# Refuse book shortage # first book: “a string a gu Fu time” author: Jiao Qing Profile: “A string a gu Fu time” she was acacia into a disease of the officer around the waist: daughter-in-law, miss you!Lying lazily on the bed sunbathing, I have determined a tangled problem: one thing I want to do most in my life is to stay in the house designed by myself with my beloved, quietly enjoying the sunshine and eating the food cooked by my boyfriend.Take out a mobile phone, dial: “time, I want to consult a little legal problems?”Into the pit guide: “pay time, you on the strong?”Gu Xian words like lightning strike, pay time to stop action.What’s he doing?Looking down at Gu Xian, his clothes half faded, his skin exposed to the air was red, and his reason gradually came back. As a lawyer, he actually knew the law was breaking the law!Half pressure on gu Xian pay time on the stomach.”I…”Lost for words, he didn’t know what to say.Gu Xian quickly rearranged her clothes, but they were torn. She covered her exposed parts with pillows and said in a trembling voice, “You said we didn’t want to have too much trouble with each other. When the second half of the month comes, we will go our separate ways.””You don’t care?”Pay time strange of ask.Gu Xian pulled out a wry smile: “Care?Isn’t that the kind of woman you think I am?How could I ruin my image in your heart.Moreover, you and I are already husband and wife, even if it is nominal, but also got a marriage certificate, this is called marriage obligations.”Gu Xian this glance to pay time in pay time in the eyes is amorous feelings.How could a woman care, pay time actually say this kind of words, no matter how cold and heartless pay time before, at least also in her bearable range, now, this person, in her eyes, with strangers without any difference.Pay time to laugh coldly, put on good clothes suddenly got up and returned to his bedroom, in addition to regret, he actually had a desire to this woman, pay time quickly rushed a cold bath.Gu Xian went back to his room with his pillow in his arms, changed a loose long short sleeve, and looked at the marks on his body in the mirror. Here, his neck, oh, it looked like a joke.After taking a shower, I pulled out a band-aid from the nightstand and stuck it in the red stain, gu Xian, and half a month.Gu Xian had a dream, dreamed of Fu Liuan when he was a child, they met at an early age, get along with still quite happy, later the separation of the two places, met again did not think it would be tit for tat.Before gu Xian married Fu Liu Nian, she often wondered what that blue-eyed boy would look like as a child, and whether she was a neighbor.When we first met as adults, at the funeral of his mother, Ye Fenghua, he looked cool and neat in a black suit with a crisp buzz-cut.Thin lips cold, eyes deep, eyes pupil with a slight dark blue, if not carefully will be ignored.Gu Xian only mother a person, if there is no ye Fenghua’s friend Shen Jiahui to help, she even gave her always young mother a beautiful funeral are not done.That day Gu Xian was in tears. It was pouring with rain outside. She saw off her guests one by one and sat on the steps weeping silently.Mother left her. What would she do?Shen Jiahui said her mother had to die is not an accident, must be someone.So she let Gu Xian return home, take back originally belong to her everything.But she doesn’t even have a mother. Who can give her a mother back?Pay liuian standing behind Gu Xian, the hands of the black umbrella gently open cover on her head.”Go in,” he croaked.That was the only time Gu Xian felt the tender pay time, years later, Gu Xian took his son sitting in a coffee shop in France, will still tell him, there was a boy, she just because of an umbrella desperate in love, but desperate to loosen his hand.Slim fingers in the misty glass writes, amazing time, dull life.When Gu Xian woke up the next day, she found her pillow wet. Yesterday was the first time she had dreamt of her unhappy mother.Gu Xian went to the bathroom to wash a simple gargle, there are no traces on the body, but the neck has not become light, Gu Xian wish to pay fleeting split in two.Damn it!”Why doesn’t Taurus man like you? It’s just because you’re not good-looking….”The mobile phone suddenly rang up, this mobile phone ring tone is she suddenly heard a few days ago, feel very good set ring tone.(Click the following link to read the novel) the second: “Lord’s wife attack: Lu Shao pet wife excessive” author: Mu Yan Xin Introduction: this article is now + rebirth + campus + business war + cool text + abuse slag + male strong female strong] ask: if give you a rebirth, how will you do?Yan Ziqing: Well, be a good person!Her identity is a mystery, her whereabouts a mystery.Only a code in the forces spread, become everyone’s nightmare, she is green.A rebirth, let her return to junior high school times.Well, take it as it comes.Start over, turn over a new leaf, be a better person!Into the pit guide: cut – in – the – hair man in the side coldly look on, he would like to see this wench can waste stone flower.”Wait a minute,” Yan Ziqing said suddenly.When Xiao Zhang clapped his hands, Yan Ziqing went over and squatted down in front of the small stone machine. He drew some lines on the surface of the wool and said to Xiao Zhang, “Cut along the lines.”Xiao Zhang looked at a few lines on the epidermis, some stunned, this wool is not already waste, but also so rigorous, just cut a few knife?Could there really be jade in it?Thinking so, the hand still began to cut along yan Ziqing’s line.People around see Yan Ziqing have a pattern of lines, really thought there would be a miracle, but, a few knives down, cut is still white stone.Close-cut man is disdain hissing a few sound, “I see you this twenty thousand dollars can be wasted, not that ability, don’t try to be brave.”Yan Ziqing ignored the man’s sneer and looked at Xiao Zhang calmly, “Go on.With a millstone.”Wu Liming was uneasy rub hands, a scrap to sell to a little girl, he still feel some improper, see Yan Ziqing did not reveal what dissatisfaction, walk past way: “little girl, or forget it!”Yan Ziqing looked back, see Wu Liming a face tangled, the in the mind how much know what he was thinking, did not expect, the boss is still quite righteous.”Boss Wu, since I said to buy, naturally won’t because of bet down and go back.”Wu Liming saw Yan Ziqing a face of firmness, mouth zhang zhang, but did not say anything, the big deal, after the little girl will not accept money is.”Ah, green!I do not know who suddenly called, the people immediately closely staring at the wool under Zhang.Sure enough, after grinding slowly with the stone grinder, a slightly darker green was suddenly revealed.It’s not exactly green, but it’s exciting to see green on waste.Xiao Zhang’s hand trembled a little, but he was very happy, and his movements became more cautious.Slowly, as the surrounding stones were worn away, a more pure green appeared. “Waxy seed! I didn’t expect waxy seed to grow from this waste material.””This little girl luck can be very good, a piece of waste let her out of jade.””Ah, now that boss Wu can regret, look at this head of water, must be the best glutinous seeds.I sold it for $20,000.”Wu Liming was not deaf enough to hear the words around him. Although he was a little reluctant, he could not see the green words coming out of his mouth.Ye Wensheng was very happy. Unexpectedly, yan Ziqing made waxy seeds out of the waste material that was not expected. Considering the size of the water head, the jewelry could be sold for millions.Treat jadeite to appear completely in front of everybody, everybody is a burst of exclaim.Yan Ziqing with a wet cloth will wipe the green surface, revealing the emerald is crystal clear, and she used the same power view.The color is fresh and pleasant, the texture is delicate, the surface water is very enough, but there is a muddy texture in the clear.”It’s iced glutinous.”The people were surprised again. The glutinous jadeite varieties with good transparency and good water head can reach the level of the glutinous jadeite varieties. In order to distinguish the ordinary glutinous jadeite varieties, this kind of glutinous jadeite is also called the glutinous jadeite, which is more valuable than the ordinary glutinous jadeite varieties.Wu Liming looked at the jade, regretting very much. He really needed such a piece of high-quality jade, so he could only apologize to Yan Ziqing and said: “Miss, do you intend to sell this jade? I can offer you five million yuan to buy it back.Twenty thousand dollars of wool, hundreds of times.But he couldn’t, because he was blind enough to sell it.(Click the following link to read the novel) The third book: “Possession of Jiang Xi” author: Fish Not language introduction: Deep city all say that she “recruit Qin and admire Chu”, she is wrong, in fact, there is a Wolf before the tiger.Deep city also said that she ‘tear the east to repair the west’, she was wronged, in fact, good people are deceived.Chu Jin line cold face: “my girlfriend.”Jiang Dong skin smile flesh not smile: “my younger sister.”Qin Zhan lit a cigarette: “mine.”Guide into the pit: Shen Jiao home, the home has been cleaned up, Lu Zhengan turned out from the storage room, Shen Jiao said: “Uncle An.”Lu Zhengan: “so soon back?”Shen Jiao answered, seeing Lu Zhengan wearing gloves and holding tools, she asked him aloud, “Do you want to take care of the garden?I’ll help you.”Lu Zhengan: “you go busy yours, I will give the flower pruning.””I don’t have anything to do,” Shen said.Lu Zhengan: “have no matter to make a phone call to chat with jiang Dong, I a person line.”He smiled as she walked past Shen Jiao, who stood alone in the living room for a moment. Instead of going back to her room, she knocked on another door.Shen Jiao sat on the sofa and Zhou Tong sat on the chair opposite her. The room was quiet and they were silent for a long time. Shen Jiao was the first one to break the silence: “Please teach me how to cook.”Zhou Tong calmly said: “why not he do?”Shen Jiao: “Every day he cooks and burns his needles. The noise gives me a headache.”Zhou tong: “he was the flower prick prick once can ensue uncle an.”Shen Jiao could not help but raise her lips and slowly patted, “He has a big garden. One day we can sneak there and move his flowers to our backyard.”Zhou tong: “that he more have reason to depend on us here not to walk.”Shen Jiao lowered the corners of her mouth. “Do you think he can stay put just because we stay quiet?”Zhou Tong was silent, but Jiang Dong could not.The house is a long silence, two people grew up, pour also do not feel embarrassed, they understand, everyone has their own world, everyone has their own choice, can choose to leave who, also can choose to let who into their world.This time Zhou Tong first opening: “what do you want to learn, I teach you.”Shen Jiao thought for a moment, “Let’s start with simple learning. I don’t want to eat fat.”Zhou tong: “he next week birthday, I teach you ten dishes, gather together full one table.”Shen Jiao looked up at Zhou Tong, smiled and said, “You really think highly of me.”Zhou Tong serious joke: “ten cold dishes.”Shen Jiao smiled and said, “Wish him a cool day?”Zhou Tong in all seriousness of reply: “he can not cool.”Shen Jiao understood Zhou Tong’s eyes. She still had the rest of her sentence to finish. Jiang Dong should not be cold.Shen Jiao did not stop smiling, but her eyes gradually moistened. They had known each other for many years. No matter when and where Zhou Tong was, she would not leave her alone.Zhou Tong will not coax people, directly get up and say: “go.”Shen Jiao lost her mind for a moment. “Where are we going?”Zhou tong: “come downstairs to teach you to cook, do you really want to do ten cold dishes to him?”Shen Jiao and Zhou Tong were cooking in the kitchen. Shen Jiao kept the principle of not wasting anything. When she had finished cooking, she would save it for dinner.Jiangdong without Shen Jiao active call home for a few hours, night will come less than FanDianEr Shen Jiao side, four people have dinner together at night, looked jiangdong Shen Jiao no traces of expression, see he didn’t eat anything strange, jiangdong, of course, eating out, because of eating out, to praise, the good, the unique, boast to Shen Jiao sit in a chair,”Are you fake?”Jiang Dong a face of innocence, “huh?What’s wrong?”Shen Jiao came to qi, “Do you really feel delicious?”Jiang Dong: “you cook for me to eat, I have what good pick and choose, I really feel delicious.”He looked like no one, Shen Jiao instant regret, why provoke him.(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!She was abandoned by him. She walked out of the wedding pregnant!”Report army chief: charming wife to check gang” field army chief VS archeological female professor, super lift up!She became a thin wife, but was personally sent to prison by him…”70 time water tender small jiao Daughter-in-law” she wears delicate small educated youth, marry the rough Han army husband of pet wife “contract delicate wife: overbearing president, too meeting hold up!””We got married,” she said