Chibi: Running mountain electrician to carry out rain and snow weather power supply

2022-05-19 0 By

On the morning of February 7, the power supply in some areas of Chibi was affected by rain and snow.State Grid Chibi Power supply company Ran Shan electrician to rush to repair the damaged circuit, as soon as possible to restore power supply to the masses in the area of power failure.In Chebu town 10 kv Mapo line 57 pole, power emergency repair personnel are on the broken power supply line emergency repair.In order to reduce the impact of the disaster, the emergency repair personnel took targeted measures to de-ice the slightly ice-covered section and connect the broken line on the ground. The staff working on the pole cooperated with the ground personnel to re-erect the repaired wire on the pole and restore the power supply to the residents in time.Lu Xiaojun, director of maintenance and Construction Area of State Grid Chibi Power Supply Company, said, “After the heavy snow, we made a special tour of the 35 kv Mao-che line of the transmission line to ensure the normal operation of the line after the snow.”In the dense forest of Guantian village, Chebu town, five mountain electricians are clearing roadblocks with sickles.Due to heavy snow, power supply lines are heavily covered with snow and ice.On both sides of the highway, many bamboos bent by ice and snow fell on the road, visibility in the foggy mountainous area is less than 100 meters, mountain electricians on foot to inspect the transmission lines, focusing on whether the lines have snow, ice and other aspects of a comprehensive inspection, found hidden dangers eliminated in time, to ensure the good operation of power grid equipment.Source: Yang Xun, reporter of Chibi Rong Media