Beijing Haidian Winter Olympics Cultural Square opens

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The picture shows the Winter Olympics Cultural Square in Haidian District, Beijing.Beijing Bureau of Culture and Tourism for the figure in Beijing, February 4 (Xu Jing) across the country to “Winter Olympics” as the theme of the cultural square is opening in succession.The Winter Olympics Cultural Square, located in Haidian Park, officially opened to the public Wednesday morning, according to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism.The square is equipped with VR ski machine, skating game machine, liquid ice simulation and other experience facilities highlighting the strong “science and technology wind”, so that citizens and tourists can feel the passion of ice and snow personally.Haidian District Winter Olympics Cultural Square is located in the “three mountains and five Gardens” original Changchunyuan West Garden ruins, now in haidian Park, adjacent to zhongguancun Exhibition Center, covers an area of 10,000 square meters.With the theme of “Toward the future together”, the square will create a unique urban cultural activity platform of Haidian.Inside the square, there are five functional areas: audience and stage area, Winter Olympics exhibition area, Winter Olympics franchise product sales area, volunteer service area, ice and snow experience area, as well as security service station, medical service station and epidemic prevention service station, providing citizens with unique and wonderful Winter Olympics themed activities.Tourists take photos at the Cultural Square of the Winter Olympics in Haidian District, Beijing.Haidian District of Beijing boasts profound historical heritage, beautiful ecological environment, rich cultural atmosphere, dense high-quality talents and developed modern science and technology industry.In the construction of the Cultural square for the Winter Olympics, Haidian District has fully tapped the cultural deposits and cultural resources of the region, combined the cultural characteristics of Haidian with the spirit of the Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports, set up high-level exhibitions and interesting interactive experiences, and fully demonstrated the cultural soft power of Haidian.Walking into the Cultural square of the Winter Olympics, you will be greeted with the rich “New Year flavor” created by the landscape of red lanterns, Chinese knots and tiger paper-cuts.In the “Art Exhibition area”, the ice and snow exhibition to welcome the Winter Olympics takes “ice and snow” as the element, through photography, painting, sculpture and other forms, shows the modern ice and snow art, spread the beauty of ice and snow natural, artistic and cultural, unique and unique.At the Traditional Culture Exhibition area, visitors can experience the fun and charm of seal cutting by making their own seal cutting works with the intelligent laser cutting experience machine.In the “non-body examination area”, citizens can experience the handmade skills of colored plastic face, paper cutting, dough sculpture, flannel cloth tang, and feel the unique charm of excellent traditional culture.In the “stage performance area”, professional performances, such as beautiful songs, light and cheerful dance, humorous comic comedy, etc., make people linger and forget to leave.Tourists play at the Winter Olympics Cultural Square in Haidian District, Beijing.As the core area of Beijing international science and technology innovation Center, the Winter Olympics Cultural Square in Haidian District highlights the strong “science and technology wind” in the construction of various functional areas, making the ice and snow sports “live” in the picture, vividly showing the passion of ice and snow.Among them, the new mission of Science City — Haidian Urban Planning Exhibition displays the image of Haidian city by means of text, pictures and videos, highlights the construction achievements of “one village, three mountains and five gardens” and displays the achievements of cultural and scientific integration of Haidian District.The indoor ice and snow experience area highlights the theme of integrating ice and snow with science and technology, and sets two kinds of high-tech motion-sensing interactive experience equipment, VR ski machine and skating game machine, to deliver the speed and passion of ice and snow sports through scientific and technological means.Using the patented product of “liquid simulation ice”, with curling stones that meet the needs of audiences of different ages, people can personally feel the charm of curling.In terms of tourist services, science and technology can be seen everywhere in the Cultural Square of Winter Olympics in Haidian District:The intelligent temperature and code checking robot stands at the entrance, integrates 5G and big data, and accurately identifies the identity, journey, health code and other information of visitors entering the park. The contactless operation can effectively reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, and the convenience of intelligent identification can greatly reduce the passage time, avoid people gathering, and do a good job in the first step of epidemic prevention.Intelligent elimination robot, every day on time in each functional area tour spraying disinfection spray, to ensure timely sterilization, guard the epidemic prevention of two posts;Intelligent reception robots and other intelligent applications can effectively reduce “contact services”, allowing tourists and citizens to enjoy the Winter Olympics cultural Square in Haidian District with ease, confidence and peace of mind.The picture shows the ice and snow experience area of the Winter Olympics Culture Square in Haidian District, Beijing.The Haidian District Winter Olympics Square has been upgraded on the basis of the original 2008 Summer Olympics square. The stage and big screen are all legacyof the Summer Olympics.Many of the first-line team members fighting in the Winter Olympic Square are the planners, builders and operators of the 2008 Olympic Cultural Square in Haidian District.The sustainable use of the site, the continuous struggle of the staff and the inheritance of the operation experience from generation to generation are all important parts of the Olympic legacy, writing the “double Olympics” charm of Haidian.Haidian district is also hosting the “Sea Spring” Cultural festival.22 cultural events, nearly 100 activities, let people spend a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year in an immersive experience of traditional culture.(after)