Yinan County: Hului “late village” make mountain village

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Harvest gongs and drums beat up, festive drums sounded, cheerful dance jumped up, deep red singing up, immersive sister-in-law story play up…February 4, the start of spring, the spring breeze warm, the earth wake up, full of vitality.In this beautiful moment, “China top ten most beautiful countryside in shandong province yinan county township Ma Mu pool often hill village, village in the village grand theatre staged a wonderful” village night, “expressed his country home crowds celebrating the Spring Festival, celebrates its games are cheerful mood, actively create happiness life, show the river bank Mongolia old people build a well-off society in an all-round way in the fruitful results.Wonderful programs focus on local, cohesion of local feelings, from time to time attracted the audience bursts of applause.”In the Spring Festival at home to see such a wonderful program, strange eyes.”Hu Liwei, audience of Horse husbandry pool township said excitedly.As “my 2022” village on the evening of my “years” the “village night,” demonstration display demonstration area, often at the “village night,” stick to “happy holidays, celebrate winter games – we better life” theme, the performance of more than 10 programs, both by local literary backbone and art lovers wrote, directed, since the play, promote the local custom civilization,Expressed the love of the party, patriotism and township, showing the good and happy life of the old people.This “village evening” extremely local characteristics, grounding gas, popular, the program is not only wonderful, but also profound meaning.The opening dance, Seeing Mountains, Seeing Rivers, Seeing China, is warm and cheerful, reflecting the blooming of the local people and expressing the yearning for a better life after the yimeng old area becomes rich.Local children’s dance “Year of the Tiger music”, which shows the vigor and ambition of Yimeng youngsters in the new age.You Long, a young singer from the Central Chinese Orchestra, who walked out of Red Sister-in-law’s hometown, sang the song “Happy China Walk Together” affectionately to the old folks, which won the audience’s applause and cheers.By farmers literary backbone singing red songs medley “battle hymn of the Chinese people’s volunteers” chairman MAO’s penis remember heart “the bounce my beloved soil pipa” let relatives to keep a good injury “” led by the communist party”, powerful, imposing manner, the audience heard blood boiling, unconsciously singing along, off stage to form emotional interaction;With rural changes as the main line, the sketch Love full Mountain Country interprets the great changes in Hongsau’s hometown during rural revitalization, praises the good policies of the Party and the hard-working and kind Yimeng people;The immersive red melodrama Chinese New Year 1941, performed by the Art troupe of Four Seasons In Yimeng, hometown tourism area of Hongsao, Yimeng, truly restores the friendship between the army and the people during the Spring Festival in Hongsao’s hometown during the Anti-Japanese War. The plot is twists and turns and touching, and the performance is real and simple, which deeply moves the audience and makes many people cry.”Zhuang used to be very poor, but now we don’t worry about food and clothes, and we can watch such a beautiful program during the Spring Festival. Now society is really good!”Yinan County andizhen Andiyi village audience Li Guilian sighed.