Yantai three martyrs went home

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Zhang Shuqing, 94, has been waiting for news of her husband after 73 years. She still has one wish…Near the New Year comes to help anonymous martyr “home” in shandong province, jinan group embarks on a journey the veterans affairs), they help the three martyrs find immediate relatives in yantai zhaoyuan, haiyang and MouPing respectively in shandong yantai haiyang Zhu Wu town SunJia Village shu-ching chang, a 94 – year – old old man after 73, finally learned that her husband’s news Sun Xuetong Sun Xuetong,She was born in July 1929, joined the revolution in July 1947, disappeared in August 1948, was declared a martyr in August 1958, so much time had passed that Zhang Shuqing only remembered that they had been married for nine months when her husband left home.It was raining heavily and Zhang Shuqing said she had been waiting her whole life without any children. “If I could see him in person, I really wanted to squeeze him twice why I left myself.” When the staff of jinan Veterans Affairs Bureau wanted to hand over the consolation money from the government to Zhang Shuqing,Old man refused to “I don’t have any money to get a place my desire is to donate money to the most difficult people” 3 years old respectively with his father at the age of 76, she finally “find” the father of yantai zhaoyuan village after silkworm ZhuangZhenYan Zhang Huilan, a 76 – year – old old man finally wait for the news of his father zhao-qing zhang Zhang Huilan less than three years old when his father was away from home to the battlefield since didn’t heard in those days,Zhang Huilan’s uncle in communication class father in artillery class uncle said, had met her father in the rest of the march father took out a pocket watch to him said do not know when the sacrifice…More than 70 years later,Zhang Huilan around the old man remained a martyr certificate only it is the only one she missed his father hopes now she finally know his father has been dead in jinan revolutionary martyr cemetery DNA technology help to locate unknown soldiers “home” revolutionary martyr cemetery in shandong province, jinan has a “anonymous martyr park here” to bury the battle of jinan sacrifice 790 martyrs began in 2021Jinan veterans Affairs Bureau has used DNA technology to extract 685 DNA samples of the unknown martyrs so far, a total of 45 martyrs have found the information of the unknown martyrs become “famous” to help them and their loved ones “reunion” this trip to find relatives, will continue!Netizens paid tribute to the martyrs and their families