This year’s lakers are very similar to the 2014 Heat. Does Lebron have to make decision 4?

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In 2014, James left the news of the heat is really all of a sudden, after all, more than 10 years to bring the heat just joined championship I still remember the oath, and four years all the finals and win two championships result can also be accepted by the team and the fans, the results this year summer James or made the decision to leave!Would James stay with the Lakers eight years later with a team that bears a striking resemblance to the Miami Heat and a Cleveland team that is on a much higher trajectory than the Cavaliers?Remember lebron’s commitment to Miami when he first joined?Why did Lebron Leave Miami in the summer of 2014?Was it the loss to the Spurs?The first reason is the team’s salary space. In 2010, the Heat only managed to keep the team’s total payroll under the luxury tax line by cutting the salaries of the big three. After all, players’ salaries increase year by year, so the team paid 6.1 million in luxury tax in 2012, then 13.4 million in 2013 and 14.4 million in 2014.In the summer of 2014, whether the Big Three exercised their final year player option or opted out of the contract to re-sign, the Heat faced a luxury tax starting at 25 million dollars, which is not a lot. After all, the Warriors’ luxury tax in the past two years was in the hundreds of millions. However, the salary cap at that time was only 58 million dollars.25 million at that time is 60 million today, which is already a big burden for the management!The way lebron James lost in the 2014 NBA Finals has him questioning the heat’s future.Secondly, the Heat’s lineup was severely aging at that time, battier and Ray Allen were nearing the age of retirement, and wade was in a serious decline. Bosh was not supported in the interior, and the heat’s minimum salary in 2013 helped Bosh sign Great Oden, who averaged 2.9 points and 2.3 rebounds, but it didn’t work at all.All the Heat can count on in the Finals is a 2.03 meter haslem, who will be 33 years old in 2014.Had Byrd terms and conditions of the three most mostly can signed a $118 million five-year top salaries, so James, dwyane wade and Chris bosh, three salary adds up to more than 60 million, and 14 to 15 season’s salary cap is $63.06 million, so in the pat riley told James is not willing to pay big luxury tax and hope the big three cut again,James’ departure is a foregone conclusion!Pat Riley wants the Big Three to take another pay cut!The situation facing the Lakers today is very similar to that.Although scores compared with at the time, but the team structure, personnel injury and bloated salary space has almost the same, bosh 14.9 points and 5.6 rebounds in 2014, wade 17.8 points and 3.9 assists the perimeter shooting as low as 28%, the surface is a big three in fact or by a person in charge, James and bosh corresponding injury in Davis,Dwyane Wade versus Westbrook, who can’t open the floor, is almost the same as the current Lakers.The same goes for cap space. The lakers did their best to get Westbrook out at the trade deadline, and unless westbrook opted out of his $47.06 million contract this summer and became a free agent, the lakers will be stuck in a deep hole next season, which could be too much for the 37-year-old James.Kobe Bryant is willing to stay with the lakers last seasons reconstruction, Duncan, nowitzki would pay cuts will last years to yourself with the team, and James for the lakers certainly don’t have such feelings, no one he has been the idea of a city, whether knight, heat, or the lakers, it was “further steps, now the lakers see will lose value,Lebron’s departure is likely.The Lakers have no future after overdrawing young players and trading draft picks for Westbrook.The Cavs have a solid roster, a lot of good contracts, and love could even free up $51 million.This season knight and grizzly bear is one of the most surprising teams in both east and west, respectively, especially compared to last season knight’s improvement, knight east third last 22-50 last year, and now the knight 35-23 east fourth force pressure bucks, green army, nets and other teams, in addition to the record to plus LAN and Allen are selected for this year’s all-star,Garland, a 22-year-old guard, Jarrett Allen, a 23-year-old starting power center, and Evan Mobley, a 20-year-old near-lock for rookie of the year, have given the Cavaliers plenty to dream about., of course, the most important still is the knight with the league’s most healthy salary space, cuttino mobley rookie in the third year of the first year, garland rookie, jarrett Allen has just signed a five-year average to 20 million per year is one hundred million, so the cavaliers even love big contract with distance still has $19.49 million over the luxury tax line distance, after a cuttino mobley and Allen,Markkanen and Love are no longer necessities, so the Cavs could easily open up $50 million in cap space if they really want to.Lebron doesn’t belong with the Lakers!After James left in 2014, the Heat maxed out Bosh and talked Dwyane Wade into taking a pay cut. The Heat got caught up in bosh’s injury, and now James will have a player option this summer, so it remains to be seen what he can leave for the lakers.