Jiangxi province: Issued the “14th Five-year plan” Pension Service System Construction Plan

2022-05-17 0 By

In order to actively respond to the aging of the population, accelerate the construction of home community institutions coordination, health care and health care combined old-age service system, promote the coordinated development of old-age service and old-age industry, jiangxi Province “14th Five-year plan” old-age Service System Construction Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) has been issued.The goal is to achieve full legal coverage of the basic old-age insurance in the province by 2025, and steadily improve the basic old-age insurance benefits for urban and rural workers, with the average monthly income of urban and rural residents reaching 180 yuan.For public pension institutions, the “Planning” proposed that each county (city, district) to build a county level disabled professional care institutions with care and nursing capacity;The proportion of newly built or renovated nursing beds shall not be less than 60% and 50% respectively;In principle, the number of beds in the municipal, county and township three-level public nursing homes should not exceed 500, 300 or 150, respectively, and the construction of super-standard or super-sized public nursing homes should not be allowed.All public pension institutions within the administrative region shall not be “packaged” and handed over to the same institution or organization for operation.The plan requires that a home visit system for urban elderly should be established and improved. By 2022, the monthly visit rate of elderly with special difficulties, such as empty nest, left-behind, disability, severe disability and family planning families, will reach 100%.According to the Plan, new residential areas should be equipped with facilities for the elderly at least 20 square meters per 100 households, and a single room area should not be less than 300 square meters to ensure safety, practical, convenient and suitable for the elderly.We will coordinate the construction of old-age service facilities in the process of strengthening weaknesses in urban residential communities and renovating old residential areas in cities. We will supplement established old-age service facilities in residential areas by 15 square meters per 100 households through buyback, lease, replacement and renovation, and the area of a single house shall not be less than 200 square meters.Provincial construction of private pension institutions from subsidies give appropriate support Since 2022, “planning” requirement, around or to distinguish the business nature of construction, according to the standard operation of private pension institutions in accordance with the regulations of new type nursing beds (except for membership of the endowment agencies) grant one-time construction, the money shall be borne by around finance,The provincial level will provide appropriate support for the construction of local private pension institutions.We will improve the incentive mechanism for operating subsidies, and guide elderly service institutions to give priority to the elderly with disabilities, mental disabilities, advanced age, and special family planning families who are in financial difficulties, and provide operating subsidies of no less than 200 yuan or 100 yuan per person per month for the elderly with disabilities or partial disabilities.Old-age care institutions that employ qualified workers shall be subsidized for social security in accordance with regulations.