10 years of college Entrance Examination score summary: ten pits + six strategies

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The second round of review has officially begun, which is the critical period for achieving score breakthrough before the college entrance examination.The teaching team of Boyu Private School compiled an article for senior high school students, about six strategies for students who fail in the college entrance examination and those who excel to improve their scores.Parents are advised to collect prints for their children in advance!After entering the second round, due to the increase of exams and special topic training, it will lead to many students one-sided emphasis on review efficiency and the pursuit of a large increase in the total score in the short term.If the students can not timely stop this impetuous, the pursuit of short-term behavior of pursuing what’s beyond our reach, while turning over this reference book, while doing the exercise set, a night to do dozens of questions is too little…In the end, it’s just a little bit of water on the surface.Yao teacher has told you more than once: do a fine is better than doing ten, understand a knowledge point is better than flipping a book.Review is a process of imperceptible accumulation, the improvement of results and the formation of ability is not a jump.Confusion pit: Lack of a sustained and clear goal of the college entrance examination after the second round of review, I think I want to take the college entrance examination, I want to take the famous brand will become the mantra of many students.This is just a general goal of the college entrance examination. As for how to take the exam and how to achieve it, I have never thought about it and even have no way to achieve it. This goal is basically useless and pure self-comfort.In the senior three general review, it is more necessary to have a permanent, quantified, clear, definite and specific goal of the college entrance examination to draw my subconscious efforts to overcome the difficulties in learning.If you want to be admitted to Zhengzhou University, you need to keep your score stable at around 620 points, and divide the difference into each subject and each knowledge point.Falling behind: the review progress can not keep up with the teacher’s review strategy. The students of the upper middle level are easy to completely ignore the teacher’s review arrangement and make their own review plan independently. This is a short-sighted behavior that takes a detour.The top scorers in the college entrance examination, with strong self-learning ability and solid and comprehensive thinking quality, have repeatedly warned the students with personal lessons: their review plan must obey the teacher’s big plan, do not leave the teacher to make their own.Although the middle degree of students will follow the teacher’s review progress, but because of poor foundation, knowledge is not firm, walk on the left behind, this kind of students’ solution is to find professional teachers to help or privately more hard work.Fuzzy hole: high and low, fuzzy knowledge point now reference materials fly all over the place, many even provide systematic dry goods, which leads to a lot of students no longer carry out the self-sorting, self-induction, self-sorting of the subject review content.”Paper comes zhongjue shallow, notice this must practice”.The systematic knowledge notes that you organize by yourself are the crystallization of your own mental thinking, deeply rooted in the depths of your brain and linked to the brain neuron memory system. Your subconscious mind has a sense of familiarity with them. If you want to master the knowledge points more clearly and firmly, do not be overconfident and underconfident.Feedback pit: review feedback is not timely review of the wrong questions, questions, focus, omissions, missing feedback error source information is a very valuable increase points “mineral source”.Self-remedial reinforcement review for wrong source information can put time and energy on the edge and prevent too much useless work.Time pit: Poor time planning improper time arrangement, lack of small plan, self-review east hammer west hammer, all over the sky net, no periodic review goals, or self-governing time arrangement is too tight, lack of flexibility, flexibility, are the common cause of small plan failure.Following the teacher is a “cauldron stew”, their own little plan is “spoon feeding”.”Big pot” to eat full, “small kitchen dishes” to feed well.Making a small plan with time flexibility is something every examinee should seriously consider.In an experiment, scientists attached microelectrodes to specific parts of actors’ brains and then asked them to act out various movie scenarios.When they played episodes associated with gray, listlessness, negativity, depression and anger, the monitors showed a decrease in enkephalin levels.Enkephalin levels rise when stories are about joy, health, happiness, joy, confidence and love.Enkephalins are natural pleasure agents that regulate learning.Develop a positive and optimistic positive learning attitude is conducive to the increase of brain secretion of enkephalin.Concentration pit: Distract students’ energy like an electric light source.Light source illuminates range too wide, then light is scattered, brightness is dim.Only by focusing light into a beam can it increase its brightness and penetrate the darkness.The students put all their energy like a laser focus on learning, can drill through the learning of all subjects hinder the improvement of any “bottleneck”, the smooth completion of the poor weak section review upgrade.Incentive pit:Self-limitation, always feel that they can not three minutes heat is a common mistake students often make in the review, every day should be at any time with self-imagination, self-suggestion, self-talk, self-reflection, self-motivation, self-spur and other stimulation methods to break through the psychological learning height limit, coruscating the great potential of the soul,Make yourself in every moment in the calm water passion like fire confident learning state.Your subconscious has an incredible capacity for learning, and even a little stimulation can quickly optimize your learning state.Science hole: ignore objective increase the law of the improvement of results is regular, for example: each section memory knowledge combing into a network, classification problem solving harvest summary accumulation, liberal arts review pay attention to the rumination of knowledge, science review lateral thinking transfer…Follow the law of increasing scores in each subject to study hard, is to find the key to success.Strategy 1: What if YOU lack exam skills?The most typical student with this problem is to do not finish the paper, and is to spend a lot of time on a problem, the result is outweighed by the loss, the problem behind are not solved.When the invigilator finally announces the remaining test time, he will be so anxious that his hands begin to shake and he cannot write.Of course, test skills are important, but do not finish the paper, it is possible that the foundation is not solid, not skilled.Solution: There are many ways to take an exam.Get the test paper, to the overall perception of the test paper, a preliminary understanding of the difficulty of the test paper, reasonable arrangement of answer time, to avoid will do not do, will not do but waste time.To solve the problem, we should pay attention to the arrangement of “two before two after” : easy before difficult, cooked before raw.In the process of answering questions, examine the topic slowly and carefully, and do the topic quickly.Pay attention to inspection.Strategy 2: I also want to pay attention to the wrong questions, but there is no way to do?Many students do not pay attention to the wrong questions in the review stage of senior three, do not even change the answer to the wrong questions, or just write the standard answer beside, do not sum up the cause of the error, sum up the correct method, resulting in mistakes in the exam again and again, the result is difficult to improve.Countermeasures: easy to make mistakes, is the difficulty of learning.Discover the rule, seize the key, ability has targeted ground review remedy.Therefore, be sure to sort out a “wrong topic set”, each homework, tests and exams, the wrong topics are recorded, these are likely to be the knowledge of the students, parents can help urge often see these topics, a long time will fill the hole.Strategy 3: What if the answers are not standardized?Such students usually answer physics, chemistry experiments when the answer language is not standard.There are a lot of contents that need to be described in language can not be written out, resulting in incomplete problem solving and experimental steps.Scribbling, scribbling, marking teachers can not see difficult to give marks, is also typical performance.Countermeasures: in all kinds of examinations, standardized answers can help us lift many points!It takes some time to form a habit, form a conceptual thinking, and pay more attention in the usual learning process.Do the questions in the specified roll, ensure that the writing is clear, do not scribble.Liberal arts class questions, as far as possible points answer.Some mathematics, physics class difficult problem, must write clearly each step, because many questions are divided by steps.Strategy 4: What if you can’t examine the topic?Students who do not know how to examine the questions usually say that they are careless and do not answer the questions, or do not dig the hidden conditions in the questions so that they cannot solve the questions.For example, Chinese, some students get the article, has not fully read the article, even have not read, anxious to answer.In physics, the hidden information provided by “just arrive” and “just pass” and the difference between them cannot be mined.Unable to find or find the key words in the test, resulting in mistakes and missing points.There are also many so-called “difficult problems”, which are caused by students not reading the questions carefully.Countermeasures: Some questions, students need to read the questions several times, especially the geometry questions, comprehensive questions.See the known conditions of the topic, translate them into their own way of understanding, and mark the known conditions on the map, in order to make the topic targeted.Strategy 5: What if you always use conventional thinking to do the problem?Students who like to do exercises according to conventional thinking have a common problem, that is, always like to say “I have done this problem”, but finished wrong, and do not know it.This is the most terrible and fatal part of conventional thinking.Because this kind of students will be affected by the previous familiar topic thinking, thinking about the problem is more one-sided, easy to do the problem interference, leading to the problem deviation.Even some students just mechanically remember the topic and the answer, in fact, did not understand the topic, master the method!As we all know, although the college entrance examination is not a competitive test, it has high requirements on the quality of disciplinary thinking, especially the big questions, which are very comprehensive. There are many knowledge points and examination points unexpected and easy to make mistakes.Countermeasures: when doing questions, we should learn to think about the application of knowledge points contained in the questions, the similarities and differences between the questions, the connections, etc.Through thinking conformity knowledge point, can refine train of thought slowly, solve this kind of problem again later can smooth a lot of.Every time I think about it, I will deepen my impression and gradually form my knowledge system.Strategy 6. What if you can’t learn planning?The achievement of college entrance examination results is not the result of a single day. Students who can learn can turn back into a dark horse in the third year of high school, while students who can’t learn are easy to slip in grades.Students with poor planning often do not have a study plan, and do not know themselves, for example, which questions can be done, which questions can not be done, which subject is strong, which subject is weak and other questions are not clear.For example, a round of review what to do, when to review two rounds do not know, the results in a “their efforts, but the result did not improve” in the vicious circle sink.Countermeasures: You know, students with good grades are generally very strong in planning, small to daily planning, big to the school year plan has been arranged.Therefore, a targeted study plan is necessary, even if only a few days are left