What’s the difference between pushing marriage ten years ago and pushing marriage now?

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Did the year of the Tiger have fun?In my growing consciousness, since I entered the marriageable age, pushing marriage is a topic that has never stopped, but people are such that you will automatically screen out information that has nothing to do with you, and others will not gather information that has nothing to do with you.So there has always been a group of people pushing marriage, but as the years have gone by, the group has changed, in and out.But it’s not the same as pushing for marriage 10 years ago. 10 years ago, the overwhelming information was “leftover women”, and it seemed that it was the woman’s fault not to get married.It is shameful for an older woman not to be married, and it is a drag on her parents to go out.Take a look at the movie “Winner takes All” starring Shu Qi in those days, you know the social ideology at that time to the woman’s old age has not married the psychological pressure of how old.A lot of the lines in movies at that time were aimed at women!For example: have feeling you dare not choose have no feeling you do not want to choose 25 to 26 pick to pick 27 to 28 than the inferior people over 30 good men are all in other people’s wedding more than 30, so far have no object spinster how do you not know your current situation?Be realistic!Miss 250’s brain and Lin Daiyu’s heart is that you are so competitive in character and life,You are always careless when it comes to spending money, who can stand you go back to take a shower and clean yourself up. Be a girl of your age and don’t be like a single in foreign trade. In fact, marriage is to find someone like your father who can live with you now and stay with you in the future.Now urge marriage, who dare say, man should work hard, work hard, trying to save money, no money, can’t marry a wife, have no money to marry a wife, also is to let your wife children too bitter, who dare to put it on the tooling that you can speak a little gift and CAI li, that’s the reality that is material, it is to make money,It seems that the wife in the marriage is sentient drink full water, children are grown up drinking air!For the man in the marriage, the wife speaks what all can, cannot speak money namely, speak money is the wife’s fault!In fact, it is not that a man can’t afford to marry without money, but that a woman can’t afford to marry without money. Whenever you don’t have money to get married and have children, you will suffer through 18 hardships.