The beauty of wetland lies in nature

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February 2, 2022 is the 26th World Wetlands Day.This year’s theme is “Cherish wetlands, Harmony between Man and nature”.Yuanjiang city is located in the hinterland of Dongting Lake in 800 li, in the north of Hunan Province, northeast of Yiyang City, named after the destination of Yuanshui.The region receives Hunan, capital, Yuan and Lishui rivers and drains the Yangtze River. The rivers and lakes are interconnected and connected into a network, showing a geographical pattern of “three lands divided by dikes and three continents, three water areas and one hill”.The wetland types in Yuanjiang city include lake wetland, river wetland, tidal flat, marsh, pond, aquaculture farm and other artificial, with a total area of 10,262.18 hectares.In 2025, the wetland protection rate of Yuanjiang city will reach 75%, and in 2035, it will reach 80%.The South Dongting Lake Provincial Nature Reserve is located in the southwest of Dongting Lake, with the geographical coordinates of 112°14 ‘32.1 “– 112°56’ 18.3” EAST longitude.Between 28°45 ‘47.5 “and 29°11′ 08.1” n.The nature reserve mainly consists of Luma Lake, Wanzi Lake, Lu Lake and other waters.The total land area of the reserve is 80125.28 hectares.Protected areas by the Lishui river, Yuanjiang, Zijiang confluence injection.The reserve is an important part of the whole Dongting Lake wetland and an important water area connecting east Dongting Lake, West Dongting Lake and Hengling Lake. It has a special geographical location and plays an extremely important role in flood regulation and storage of the Yangtze River.The protected area is dotted with lakes, branching rivers, mild climate, abundant rainfall, and extremely rich biodiversity.According to the survey:There are 23 species of mammals in 12 families of 8 orders, 221 species of 51 families of 15 orders, 26 species of reptiles in 8 families of 3 orders, 9 species of amphibians in 3 families of 1 order, 117 species of fish in 23 families of 11 orders, and 270 genera of vascular plants in 92 families.426 species.Among them, there are 1 species of national Class ⅰ and 3 species of National Class II key protected plants.There are 9 species of state ⅰ and 26 species of State II key protected animals.The rich natural resources and species resources constitute a unique freshwater wetland ecosystem with important ecological value around the world, which also makes the protected area an important migration channel for migratory birds in Northeast Asia.Hunan Qionghu National Wetland Park Is located in Yuanjiang City, Hunan Province, at the intersection of south Dongting Lake and West Dongting Lake internationally important wetlands, involving 7 lakes with the county as the core and certain surrounding areas.The geographic coordinates are: 112°16 ’35 “~ 112°23′ 58” E, 28°44 ’36 “~ 28°51’ 42” N.The wetland park is east-west, bordering yuanjiang and Hanshou in the west, zijiang in the east, Dongting in the south, and Yanzhi Lake in the south.The planned area of the wetland park is 1708.4 hectares, including 1643.4 hectares of wetland.A demonstration project for the protection and restoration of wetland-greenland-urban complex ecosystem in the hinterland of Dongting Lake, and a supplement for the protection of internationally important wetlands in Dongting Lake;Relying on the natural resources, landscape resources and cultural resources of the wetland and its surroundings, the city of Water in China, the City of thousands of lakes and the international wetland eco-tourism city should be built with outstanding overall image, complete infrastructure, unique wetland landscape, science popularization education and sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, and strong characteristics of Xiangchu culture.National demonstration site of wetland park construction and management;A national science popularization and education base for wetland biodiversity protection and display in Dongting Lake District;Ecological livable, suitable for business, suitable for tourism and ecological civilization construction base.Source: Yuanjiang Rong Media Center