Status quo of Chinese football Team abroad: there are 4 men’s and 5 women’s. Wang Shuang has great hope to return to Europe

2022-05-16 0 By

In a recent World Cup preliminary match, China men’s national football team away to play Japan, the final score was 0-2, the other side possession up to 64%, 17 shots, while we only had one embarrassing shot (Wei Shihao’s free kick).What is the cause of this gap? Some people say it must be strength, but what is the specific strength?I think there is a data most can tell the problem, that is this service of China and Japan the number of overseas players, our side is 1, the other side is 16!The list of 16 Japanese players is as follows:Kawashima yong heir (Strasbourg), planting field through (nim), the board warehouse Huang (schalke), endo navigation (Stuttgart), shibasaki yue (ness), former Tian Daran mouth Berlin (al), the (the celtics), south wild billiton solid (Liverpool), long bao jian ying (mallorca) and keep Tian Yingzheng (Santa Clara), the east is () did Hank, aoe tanaga (dusselDov), Takumo Asano (Bochum), Yuta Nakayama (Zwolle), Yasuyoshi Do (Eindhoven), Daniel Schmidt (St. Turden).By one count in 2021, The number of Japanese playing in Europe has surpassed a staggering 450, matching that of African powerhouse Nigeria (500), with more than 250 playing in the German league alone.As for us, until this year, only Wu Lei stayed abroad, so we were called “the hope of the whole village”.Aware of the shortage of overseas players, the CFA has promoted the so-called “overseas plan” this year: Li Lei from Beijing Guoan has joined Grasshopper in the Swiss Super League, Guo Tianyu from Shandong Taishan has been loaned to the Portuguese Super League, and Jia Boyan, a 19-year-old Shanghai Harbour player, has also moved to Switzerland.With Wu lei, the total number of men’s soccer players who have studied abroad has reached four (as well as other youth league players such as He Xiaoke).The men’s team has a very small number of foreigners, and the women’s team has a similar number of five.They are Tang Jiali of Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League, Shen Mengyu of Celtic of the Scottish Super League, Shen Menglou of the Portuguese League, Zhao Yujie of the American League (NCAA) and Yang Shuhui of the French League (just a short time overseas).Originally, Wang Shuang, the first sister of the women’s football team, was the biggest guarantee to stay abroad, but she came back to China for various reasons. With her strength, it would be no problem for her to play the main force in any big teams in Europe. I hope wang Shuang can return to the European competition as soon as possible.A few years ago, The Chinese Liuyang Corps is also very large, like Yang Chen, Shao Jiayi, Sun Jihai, Xie Hui, Zheng Zhi, they not only liuyang, or the absolute main force of each team;Time to now, like Thailand, Vietnam and other southeast Asian countries to stay abroad players are emerging, not to mention Japan and South Korea, our players are less and less, this is the gap.Although there are 9 Chinese football teams staying overseas, at least half of them are “planning to stay overseas”, and this mode is not a long-term solution.I hope the men’s and women’s football players can continue to prove themselves, so that it will become a natural thing, rather than an empty appearance without substance of the “fake liuyang”.