One word “fu” is enough

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Hongjiang ancient mall “Pan Cunde Tang” Hunan Daily all media reporter Xiao Jun correspondent Yuan Chunhua Lin Zhenlin Huang Jianping walk hongjiang ancient mall, wandering between the relics of this historical relics, the reporter for a “blessing” word sigh.In hongjiang ancient mall “Pan Cunde Hall” scenic spot visitors, have been scenic spots on the wall of a strange “fu” attracted, this “fu” for hongjiang unique, contains a profound cultural heritage.In the TV series “A generation of Hong Shang”, Liu Yunxiang introduces the word “fu” to Luo Jishan. In the TV series “A generation of Hong Shang”, Liu Yunxiang, a merchant of hong Oil, introduces the word “fu” on the wall of the hospital. His handwriting is composed of deer head, magpie, turtles and other animals.The character “Fu” in the play “A Generation of Hongshang” comes from hongjiang, the first of the five streams, which means “Hongfu equalizes the sky”. Hongjiang is hongjiang.However, the blessing of heaven is so great that it cannot be enjoyed by the son of Heaven and should be hidden from view. Therefore, the word “fu” is only missing in the Traditional Chinese “Hundred Blessings map”.The word “fu” has a big origin.According to legend, during the reign of Emperor Kangxi, a timber merchant in Hongjiang knew that emperor Kangxi liked to collect all kinds of “fu”, so he presented this unique “fu” as a birthday present to Emperor Kangxi.Kangxi was greatly pleased and rewarded him with a large amount of land, and gave the word “fu” to Hongjiang.Thus, the word “fu” spread in Hongjiang.Hongjiang ancient mall “Pan Cunde Hall” on the wall of Hongjiang “Fu” word Hongjiang ancient mall “Pan Cunde Hall” the “fu” word is the most representative.Pan Cunde Hall is the mansion of Mr. Pan Rongting, a famous gentleman in hongjiang Period of the Republic of China.Pan Rongting was the director of hongjiang Red Cross society of all nations, the head of the “compassion Hall”, made great contributions to the charity of Hongjiang, hongjiang people respected as one of the “four old Hongjiang”.”This blessing hidden in the word ‘lu’ homophone sika deer, lively longevity turtle, pictographic magpie, a look at the inseparable wealth of the ‘field’, plus the word ‘fu’ itself, it can be said that the ‘five blessings are complete, lucky star shining’.”After pan Cunde hall “shop girl” vivid explanation, more vivid image.After hearing this, the tourists suddenly understood, and took pictures of this “fu”, “fu” home.In hongjiang ancient mall, you can see hongjiang’s unique “fu” pattern everywhere, as well as a large number of bat patterns on furniture and architecture, these are hongjiang “fu culture” symbol, so far hongjiang ancient mall has found nearly 200 wall “fu” pattern.Hongjiang ancient mall “Chen Rongxin firm” on the wall “loss is blessing” original trace Hongjiang businessmen in the long-term business process, but also summed up the “loss is blessing” and other very philosophical “blessing culture” essence.On the wall of Chen Rongxin’s business house in Hongjiang Ancient Mall, there is a couplet entitled “A loss is a blessing” written by Zheng Banqiao, a famous calligrapher in the Qing Dynasty.”Loss is a blessing” four characters below write “full loss of the machine, loss of the surplus gradually.Damage to already is good for that, outside the human peace, inside the peace of my heart.It is flat and safe.Happiness is in.”Here, the reporter heard another version of the “downside is bliss” story.According to legend, One of Zheng Banqiao’s relatives was a timber merchant. Once he carried a large amount of timber to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to sell it, but the river ran aground midway and the timber could not be passed.Zheng banqiao’s relatives are very worried, if the business can not be done, they will lose their money.But then the flood season came, and the wood was transported to its destination.When the wood arrived, zheng banqiao’s relatives made a fortune because of the shortage of wood in jiangsu and Zhejiang due to the stranding of the upstream river.Later, Zheng Banqiao’s relatives came to Yangzhou and told Zheng Banqiao about his surprise and joy in doing business. Zheng Banqiao listened and happily wrote this exhortation.After returning home, Zheng banqiao’s relatives quietly thinking about zheng Banqiao’s inscriptions, and from the experience of life philosophy, so zheng Banqiao’s inscriptions as family motto, engraved on the wall.Different versions of the story, but the meaning is the same, that in the sea of business to maintain a calm state of mind.Hongjiang people prefer the word “fu”, which fully shows the strong cultural atmosphere of Hongjiang and expresses the business philosophy of Hongjiang businessmen.In the TV series “Generation of Hong Shang”, the “loss is a blessing” of hong Shang culture is mostly displayed.”Rather lose money, not lose conscience” “lost money, also can’t lose ‘faith'”, many occasions in the play, Liu Yunxiang everywhere “lose”, are the hongjiang businessmen honest and trustworthy, to justice hongshang spirit of the best interpretation.Deep cultural heritage, rich local characteristics, let hongjiang ancient mall “fu” word shine brilliantly.In 2017, the first instant welfare lottery “fu Ticket” was issued independently designed and developed by our province and for the whole country. Its design concept comes from the “fu” character shape and the fu culture in Hongjiang Ancient Mall.In 2021, in the Commodity Competition of Hunan Culture and Tourism Industry Exposition, two cultural tourism works designed with the “blessing” of Hongjiang Ancient Mall as the core element won gold and silver awards respectively.Hunan Embroidery “Hongfu Hongjiang” (Edited by CAI Jinyi) [Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]