Nine enterprises in Chengdu were selected as the “leader” of the national enterprise standard

2022-05-16 0 By

Redstar News (reporter Dan Tang Wen) Reported on February 10, recently, the 2021 National Enterprise standards “front-runner” list was released,Chengdu very m technology co., LTD., chengdu forward electronic co., LTD., sichuan holy magnolia industrial co., LTD., chengdu bank co., LTD., chengdu rural commercial bank co., LTD., sichuan jianyang rural commercial bank co., LTD., sichuan bank co., LTD., chengdu huan creek washing co., LTD., chengdu le MAO technology co., LTD., etc. 9 companies a total of 10 enterprise standards were selected and become the “leader” of national enterprise standards.According to the relevant person in charge of the standardization Department of chengdu Market Supervision Bureau, the enterprise standard “front-runner” system is approved by The State Council and jointly issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation, the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other eight departments.The enterprise standards selected in the “front-runner” list shall be reasonably determined by the national third-party authoritative evaluation institution through comparative analysis of relevant standards at home and abroad, and the national enterprise standard “front-runner” list shall be formed according to the level of core indicators, and released to the public without objection.Chengdu’s enterprise standards selected as the national “front-runner” list will play an exemplary role in promoting quality improvement, consumption upgrading, and pushing relevant industries in Chengdu to the middle and high end of the value chain to better meet people’s growing needs for a better life.It is reported that the next step, Chengdu Market supervision bureau will thoroughly implement the “National Standardization Development Program”, vigorously implement standardization strategy, focus on the “standard enterprise” as the service enterprise entry point and breakthrough point, deep integration of relevant industrial policies, focus on promoting enterprises to take the initiative to improve standards, innovation standards.At the same time, further play the role of the national technology standard Innovation (Chengdu) base and other platform carriers, earnestly serve the city’s enterprises to strive for the national enterprise standard “leader”, strive to transform the standard advantage into market advantage, promote the city’s high-quality economic and social development.