Lakers down to 20!Official power rankings: SUNS NO.1, Warriors NO. 3, Nets NO.11

2022-05-16 0 By

Beijing time on February 1 news, the NBA officially released the latest edition of the team power list.The Phoenix SUNS are NO.1, the Grizzlies NO. 2 and the Warriors NO. 3, the Nets NO.11 and the Lakers NO. 20.SUNS (40-9, no. 1 last week) Tempo: 99.9 (7), offensive rating: 112.8 (3), defensive rating: 104.9 (2), net rating: +7.8 (2) During their 10-game winning streak, The SUNS have scored 4.7 points per 100 possessions in the first three quarters;32.1 points per 100 possessions in the last quarter!The biggest difference was on offense, where Paul combined for 76 points on 73 percent effective shooting in the fourth quarter during his 10-game winning streak.The SUNS now rank third in offensive and defensive efficiency, something only two teams have done in an entire regular season — the 14-15 Warriors and the 16-17 Warriors, both of whom won championships.Grizzlies (35-17, no. 2 last week) Tempo: 99.7 (9) Offensive rating: 111.8 (8) Defensive rating: 108.3 (8) Net rating: +3.5 (6) Jackson has thrown in at least four blocks in eight of his last 12 games, which puts him second in the league with 2.3 blocks per game.When Jackson was guarding the rim, he limited opponents to 50.0 percent shooting.The grizzlies are better offensively when Jackson is paired with Adams.The grizzlies are one of four teams to rank in the TOP10 in offensive and defensive efficiency this season and have a relatively light schedule heading into the all-star break.Warriors (37-13, no. 3 last week) Tempo: 98.9 (12), offensive rating: 110.9 (12), defensive rating: 102.7 (1), net rating: +8.2 (1) The Warriors’ offense has warmed up, scoring 116.6 points per 100 possessions during their five-game winning streak.Curry continued to struggle from the field, shooting just 22 percent (10 of 46) from 3-point range, but his teammates shot better than 42 percent from outside.This season, the Warriors are scoring 114.8 points per 100 possessions when the Splash brothers play together.It is worth mentioning that this season so far, the Warriors home and away contrast league largest!76ers (30-19, last week no.5) Tempo: 96.3 (26), offensive rating: 111.2 (11), Defensive rating: 108.5 (9), net rating: +2.7 (10)5. Heat (32-18, last week No. 6) Tempo: 96.2 (29), offensive rating:112.3 (5), defensive rating: 107.6 (7), net rating: +4.7 (5)The cavaliers, the nuggets, bucks, bulls, the lone ranger team, the nets, raptors, hornets, the celtics, timberwolves, jazz, hawks, clippers, knicks, lakers, blazers, wizards, the spurs, the pelican team, the pacers, Kings, magic, pistons, rockets, and the thunder team.