Guangzhou CDC: Nucleic acid testing is recommended within 24 hours after returning to Guangzhou

2022-05-16 0 By

How can people prevent and control the epidemic during the Spring Festival?On January 25, Guangzhou held a press conference on market supply and guarantee work during the Spring Festival, and Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Guangzhou CDC, offered a recruit.”For cities and regions affected by local outbreaks, we will immediately issue reports and pastes through the CDC public account (Guangzhou CDC I Health) to remind people who have recently traveled to these cities and regions to report to the community and accept corresponding health management.”Zhang zhoubin said.He mentioned that from January 1 to January 24 this year, the Guangzhou CDC issued a total of 19 articles covering 8 provinces, 2 autonomous regions and 3 municipalities), with updates almost daily.”This shows that the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex, and there are many uncertainties.”Therefore, Zhang Zhoubin also suggested that: For those who plan to visit relatives and friends in Guangzhou and Guangdong during the Spring Festival, it is recommended to check the risk level of the destination and the passing place through wechat mini program “State Council Client” before departure. It is not necessary to do one or two, namely:Do not go to medium-high risk areas, do not go to cities where medium-high risk areas are located, and do not go to land border port cities when it is not necessary.After returning to ear, necessary sojourn history report, nucleic acid test and health monitoring should also be done.If there is any overlap or overlap between the itinerary and the announced itinerary of the local positive person, or the travel history of the province (autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government) where the local positive person lives within 14 days, the person shall report to the community (village), work unit and hotel as soon as possible, and cooperate in carrying out various health management.Those who come from abroad and will return to Guangzhou after the period of concentrated quarantine in other provinces should also raise their awareness of prevention and control and report to their communities (villages) in advance.After returning from the province, citizens are advised to take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours.For those who stay in Guangzhou for the Spring Festival, try to reduce the frequency and scale of dinner parties, avoid large-scale gathering activities, and actively implement the corresponding epidemic prevention and control requirements, such as taking the subway, bus, and entering public places, and do a good job in measuring the temperature and scanning the code.Go out to play, choose outdoor tourist attractions first;Indoor tourist attractions as far as possible advance booking, orderly tour.”The risk of the spread of the virus is bound to increase as people move and gather together during the Spring Festival.However, as long as we strictly implement China’s current epidemic prevention and control strategies and measures, as long as the general public effectively carry out personal prevention and control measures, such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilation, avoiding gatherings as much as possible, and actively getting vaccinated against COVID-19, we can effectively avoid and even control this risk.”Zhang Zhoubin said.He stressed that the most important transmission routes of novel coronavirus are respiratory droplet transmission and close contact transmission, so some details of personal protection need to be well done, detailed and standardized.”The first is to wear masks: we must put the metal strip above the mask on the bridge of our nose, especially in buses, subways, shopping malls, elevators, public toilets and other closed indoor public places must be properly worn.Wearing a mask is also recommended when leaving a private room or dining table in a restaurant.”Zhang zhoubin said.”Second is frequent hand washing: make sure your hands are clean before touching your face, especially your mouth, nose and eyes.”Washing hands with running water and hand sanitizer is a priority, followed by hand sanitizer or sanitizer wipes.””In a word, no matter when you leave or stay in the ear for holidays, you should firmly remember that a long holiday is safe and epidemic prevention is not a holiday.Do a good job of personal protection, strengthen risk awareness.The Novel Coronavirus vaccination campaign in Guangzhou will continue as usual during the Lunar New Year, and people will be able to receive the vaccine through the existing appointment method.”Reporter Zheng Huizi, Ma Yitian [Edit: She Xiange]