Daliang-lunjiao shield section of Foshan Metro Line 3 and main sub-units of Shunde Hospital Station have passed the acceptance

2022-05-16 0 By

Metro recently learned that on March 18th, foshan Metro Line 3 project 3203-1 held a sub-unit project acceptance meeting, and unanimously passed the sub-unit project acceptance of daliang station ~ Xinsong Station ~ Shunde Hospital station ~ Licun station ~ Lunjiao station and shunde Hospital station main station project.It is reported that this is foshan metro Line 3 in addition to the first bid successfully passed the sub-unit project acceptance.The meeting was presided over by Ye Junliang, deputy leader of inspection and delivery Group of Foshan Railway Investment Group Co., LTD. Representatives of Foshan Rail transit Bureau, urban construction Archives, metro operation and five responsible entities and related construction entities attended the meeting.The on-site meeting listened to the construction unit on the project overview, contract completion, project quality control and other aspects of the quality of self-assessment report, as well as other units involved in the construction of the inspection report.The inspection group led the on-site acceptance of the tunnel and station physical engineering, reviewed the engineering materials, and checked the rectification of the problems raised in the early stage.Through the on-site physical engineering quality, construction data inspection, the acceptance group agreed that the main project conditions are in line with the relevant design and specification requirements, the data is complete, complete, the site entity quality is good, agree to pass the acceptance.It is reported that the project department of Foshan Metro Line 3, 3203-1, overcame numerous obstacles to solve the technical problems such as starting the shield tunneling in soft soil layer under the condition of no end reinforcement and going through the natural foundation houses in the village of North District.The shield passes through more than 200 old houses, 10 rivers, 4 Bridges, 12 high-voltage pylons, 2 large-diameter and large-length water supply pipes and 1 high-pressure oil pipeline.High environmental risk, strict control index, complex and changeable geological, comparable to the “tender tofu hole in the 40 meters deep, 2.8 km long silt stratum, prone to water gushing, sand gushing danger.Project builders use information means to strengthen background control.Especially for engineering problems, only in shield construction USES the tool configuration optimization, pneumatic auxiliary method, ultrahigh pressure tunneling technology, ground grouting reinforcement and polymer modified residue in measures such as innovating research, effective control of the gushing, land subsidence and shield posture, successfully solved the ultra deep extremely weak formation of shield tunneling construction problems.The civil construction of the station is the first construction completed and handed over for inspection, and it is also the first project to pass the acceptance of sub-units.Foshan Metro people, please note the source