Cultural prose: Appreciation of the charm of MAO Zedong’s poetry style

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Reading the great poet MAO Zedong’s poems, we will be moved by the poetry rich and rich, bold and brilliant style charm.Style is the concept of art and the representative appearance of the whole art work.Take MAO Zedong’s “Seven Laws: Long March” as an example: “The Red Army is not afraid of the expedition difficult, long march only leisurely.Wuling meandering teng small waves, Wumeng majestic walk mud pills.Jinsha water shot yunya warm, dadu bridge horizontal iron cold.More xi Minshan Li snow, after all the three armies.”Throughout the poem, the momentum is bold and unrestrained, the spirit is magnificent, the style is high, the pen is vigorous.Big forceful thick and resounding sound, small fine such as micro and cadence.The antithesis in the poem is neat, precise and exquisite.The poem is scornful and contemptuous of the temporary enemy.Poetry style is a comprehensive reflection of artistic characteristics, reflecting the spirit of The Times, national characteristics and the poet’s thoughts, feelings and aesthetic attitude through the stable internal factors presented by poetry, and showing the poet’s unique and distinct aesthetic sense.Liu Xie summed up eight styles of literary creation in his book “Wen Xin Diao Long · Style”, which is called “eight styles”.One is elegance, meaning that there should be connotation, elegant and vulgar prose.The second is far from Austria, meaning that there should be profound thinking.The third is precise, which means concise and able to explain the problem.The fourth is the obvious attachment, the point of view is clear and affinity.The fifth is overelaboration, refers to the use of a variety of rhetorical devices.The sixth is magnificence. It should have aesthetic feeling in argumentation, structure and prose.Seven is novel, want to have innovation consciousness in the subject matter conception.Eight is light, refers to frivolous and without aesthetic feeling.For example, Du Fu’s Quatrain is fresh and elegant: “Two orioles singing green willows and a line of egrets on the blue sky.The window contains xiling Qianqiu snow, the door is dongwu Wanli ship.Four sentences and four scenes, dynamic and static combination;The language is fresh, elegant and vivid.MAO Zedong’s “Seven laws. The Long March”, with the great man atmosphere of the universe, only a hundred victories, the general command of the armed forces, a generation of great men, can have such a mind, the expression of poetry bold style and brilliant bearing.Second reading the great poet MAO Zedong’s poems, we will be we will be poetry rich and rich, bold and brilliant style charm moved.Due to the different life experience, artistic accomplishment and emotional tendency of artists are different, as well as the difference in aesthetic perception, the formation of style is influenced by the conditions of times, society and nationality.MAO Zedong’s poem “congratulations to the groom. Reading history” as an example: “apes separated.Just a few stones, as a child.Turn the flame in the copper furnace, to ask when guess?Only a few thousand chills.The world is hard to smile, bow each other on the battlefield.It’s all over. It’s suburban blood.Read a head flying snow, but remember spots, a few lines of traces.The five emperors and three sovereigns deceived the boundless traveler.How many merry men are there?”This word gives a general description and profound comment on the historical development of human society. In a humorous conversation, it implies the wisdom of the wise, the righteous indignation of the benevolent and the faith of the brave.MAO Zedong “the world is difficult to smile, bow each other on the battlefield.”Use du Mu verse: “the world is difficult to meet smile, chrysanthemum must be inserted full head.”Du Mu “nine days qi Mountain climbing” the whole poem is: “Jiang Hanqiu shadow goose early fly, and guests with pot on cuiwei.The world is difficult to meet smile, chrysanthemum must be inserted full head.But will be drunken reward festival, do not have to climb the root.Through the ages only so, niushan why alone with clothes.”Some people think that the poem is “to open up the thoughts of depression.”From the poem, it can be seen that the poet’s feelings are depressed. When the poet climbs the mountain, depression and joy are intertwined.Why is the poet’s melancholy so deep and inescapable?Originally, Du Mu in the late Tang dynasty in the political environment is difficult to display lofty ambition, “Jiang Han autumn shadow goose early fly, with guests carrying pot on cuiwei.”It refers to zhang Hu, a guest poet who traveled with Du Mu. Although he was older than Du Mu, his poem was named earlier.Mu zong linghu Chu appreciated his poetry, had recommended the table, but because of yuan Zhen’s rejection, failed to reuse.MAO Zedong’s “Congratulations on the bridegroom · Reading history” : “After stealing zhi zhuang 𫏋 liu Yu, Chen Wang rose to swingUnfinished song, the east is white.”Different from Du Mu’s gloomy style, its historical span, spanning ancient and modern, zhuang but not plate, harmonic and not banter.Bold style, strong weather.Three reading the great poet MAO Zedong’s poems, we will be moved by the poetry rich and rich, bold and brilliant style charm.Take “Seven Unique views of tide” as an example: “Thousands of miles of waves rolling in, snow flying towards Diaoyutai.People mountain praise lineup wide, iron horse leisurely back.”From the beginning to the end, it not only describes the momentum of qiantang Tide, but also describes the consistent momentum of the poet’s own heart.The coupling of internal atmosphere and external scenery is truly natural, but it is of great variety.As a result, I think of Wang Bo’s “Sending Du Shaofu to Shu”, although only 40 words, but all of them are different and varied: “The city que is auxiliary to the Three Qin Dynasties, and the wind and smoke look at the five jin Dynasties.Parting with the king, with eunuchs.A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.Inaction in the crossroads, children with towel.”The whole poem opens and closes with twists and turns, qi pulse circulates, artistic conception is broad, can be regarded as the farewell poem in the immortal classic, like a small picture, contains countless gullies and endless scenery.The poem swept away the melancholy and sorrow in the poem, tone bright and bright, the content alone tree stele, reflecting the poet’s lofty ambition, open-minded interest and broad-minded mind, poetry style fresh and lofty, has been widely spread.Style is reflected in various elements of artistic works, which is not only the consistency of the artist’s choice of subject matter, but also the originality of his mastery of artistic language.MAO Zedong’s poetry for the theme of the deep digging, magical writing techniques, unique image shaping, “Seven Unique” description of the magnificent lineup, pentium back and forth qiantang tide, bold and majestic.As a result, the poetry critics lamented that only such a great poet as Chairman MAO Zedong could make such a swan song with one stroke, blooming the magnificent and rich, bold and brilliant style charm.