Changan CS55 PLUS excellent performance, car more economic!

2022-05-16 0 By

Changan has always been a very good brand, its models can always show a very good sense of strength, so changan’s domestic sales has always been very good.As we introduced today, the 2022 Changan CS55PLUS Blue Whale version of this model reflects a very atmospheric feeling, and has been very concerned by consumers since the beginning of the launch, so the performance has been very good, let’s take a look today.The front face is designed with large size without boundary air intake grille, and the interior is filled with matrix structure, which looks very strong visual impact.The shape of the headlights on both sides is also very fashionable, and connected with the grille, it looks very sporty.Both sides of the diversion orifice is vertical design, looks three-dimensional.Surrounded by the use of layered design, looks like full movement.When it comes to the side of the body, the second generation CS55PLUS abandons the traditional design techniques and creatively introduces the “vertical perspective” to further strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the body, making the body shape fuller and the visual extension effect extremely. The flat wing plate is dotted with red C-type letters, inherits the CS55 family classic sequence logo.In terms of wheels, the second-generation CS55PLUS offers two different styling designs of star ring wheels and high wind wheels, as well as the Dunlop tires that many high-end cars use.What tail uses is very full design, taking attribute of thick household expenses.The taillights are elongated and look sporty.The lower part is a bilateral joint exhaust mode.When it comes to the interior, the new style of the center console is stunning, subverting most people’s aesthetic.Sports car steering wheel, integrated sports seats, 10-inch LCD dashboard, 12.3-inch central control screen and so on, will bring strong visual impact to people.The work and materials in the car are also very kind, all the places that can be touched are wrapped with soft materials, with rich colors and decorative decoration, so that it looks more delicate.Changan CS55PLUS leather steering wheel using flat bottom three spoke type design, feel is very good, full of movement, instrument panel using combined type design, modelling fashion is concise, at the same time information display is also more comprehensive.The seat support system, backrest and cushion of THE CS55PLUS adopt grid springs, which can not only provide excellent support, but also provide good comfort. Sitting in the back seat can guarantee the spare space of nearly two fists. The central platform is not high, and the panoramic skylight makes it easy to ride for a long time.The NEW generation OF Blue Whale NE1.5T efficient engine mounted on the CS55PLUS has further improved in parameters, with a maximum rated power of 138kW, a net power increase of 8%, and a peak torque of 300N·m.In the initial stage, you can obviously feel the power improvement for the acceleration performance, in 0-70km /h stage, power surge, but in the middle and back stage, this 1.5T efficient engine also does not drag back, basically as long as you are willing to step on the accelerator, power can be at call.The matching 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox has a good suppression of setbacks, which can ensure the comfort of drivers and passengers even in the city’s congested roads.High speed shift logic is clear, it can be seen that manufacturers for this gearbox adjustment or a certain effort to changan CS55 PLUS after the launch of a total of five models, the price range between 92,900 to 121,900.Personal opinion:Changan second-generation CS55PLUS gave me the deepest impression is that its central screen in terms of overall interactive logic and operation smooth degree is in the leading level at the same level, the increase of gesture more lavatory users daily driving, is 1.5 T, but can still feel the movement mode of engine with strong power, this is certainly worth thumb up.Interior: Changan CS55PLUS rich interior design is a bonus point, the whole design style is also very good.Driving: The CS55PLUS is equipped with the IACC integrated adaptive cruise system, which has single-lane driving assistance, traffic jam assistance and full-speed adaptive cruise.The IACC integrated adaptive cruise system can come in handy on both congested urban roads and highways.Safety: in terms of passive safety, it USES the high strength automobile body structure, and all six airbags, active security, they have included single automatic auxiliary driving, automatic deceleration speed limit cornering, intelligent auxiliary IACC, integrated adaptive cruise function, “clairvoyance” security patrol system, effectively prevent the risk of accidents.