Beijing Traffic Broadcasting Winter Olympics special planning is coming!Lock in the highlights and have a chance to win a gift!

2022-05-16 0 By

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are getting closer!Beijing Traffic broadcast carefully prepared a series of programs, and everyone together for the Winter Olympics refueling!Three special programs, “Smooth Road”, “Joy Ahead” and “News to Know”, accompany you all the way. Keep abreast of the latest information of the Winter Olympic Games, so that you can become the little master of Knowledge of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games in a second!Meta-universe interactive ice and snow audio program “Glory Hour” let the “cold” knowledge heat up!Scan code to participate in “Lighting up the Road of the Winter Olympics” and participate in daily interactive questions to win the Winter Olympics gift!The Traffic Forecast Index helps you travel efficiently during the Winter Olympics!Lock in FM103.9 all the highlights in Beijing traffic broadcast come and feel the charm of the Winter Olympics together to the future!Let’s cheer for the Winter Olympics and look forward to the splendid blooming of the City of Double Olympics!Editor: Beicheng duty editor: Peng Fei